Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang

Item AG01 

This Item was Sold on 22 August 2013 for $38

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This Aboriginal hunting boomerang, or throwstick, was made by Australian Aborigines in the 20th Century. The wood is probably Desert Mulga, a tough Gum hardwood that grows in the Desert regions of Australia. Both surfaces are scraped smooth and file marks are visible on both sides. The surfaces have a coating of varnish or polyurethane The airfoiling and tips are what you find on early contact hunting boomerangs from Queensland. One of the pinch tips has minor impact damage. There are two drilled holes for mounting on the wall. Hunting boomerangs like this one were commonly displayed in Australian bars. Many of these hunting boomerangs were purchased from bars by collectors in the 1970s and 1980s and resold to other collectors when Aboriginal artifacts became popular. This hunting boomerang is from the Al Gerhards collection.

Length = 62 cm ; Weight = 332 gm

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