Horizontally Laminated Hopi Rabbit Stick by John Cryderman

Item L77

This Item was Sold on 18 November 2013 for $56.10

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This replica of a Hopi Indian Rabbit Stick (hunting boomerang) was made by John Cryderman of Chatham, Ontario, Canada. This style of boomerang was used by Native Americans in the American South West. for hunting small game like rabbits as well as for ceremonial purposes. The shape is similar to the famous Hopi Rabbit Sticks except that the construction is with horizontally laminated Canadian hardwoods (Maple and Walnut), making it more durable than the ceremonial Rabbit Sticks made out of Cottonwood. The Cryderman rabbitstick is also thicker than the Native American design. It flies straight and true, but this Rabbit Stick is heavy, so the flight range is only about 30 metres (in my hands). It is still a beautiful collectable and in new condition. Signed and dated 1996.

Specifications: Right Handed ; Tip-to-tip Span = 52 cm ; Weight = 392 gm

John Cryderman (from Chatham, Canada) is well known for making high quality strip laminated and Birch plywood boomerangs. Many of these are John's original designs. However, he occasionally makes replicas of boomerangs made by other famous boom makers, such as the strip laminated hooks and omegas made by Al Gerhards of Downington, Pennsylvania. John usually makes his strip laminated boomerangs out of native Canadian hardwoods, but he will often use exotic woods, such as Mahogany and Ebony. Some of the plywood and strip laminated boomerangs are decorated with inlaid plugs of exotic woods arranged in pseudo-floral patterns. The vast majority of John's boomerangs are large in size and they require a strong thrower in order for the boomerang to make a full return.

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