Aboriginal Mulga Hunting Boomerang

Item TB178   

This Item was Sold on 15 April 2010 for $40

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This hunting boomerang, or throwstick, was made out of hard mulga in the shape of a Central Desert throwstick. It was probably made in the 1970s or 1980s. The pyrographic art work is semi-traditional and was added on both sides to made this throwstick more attractive to tourists. The wood is dark with blonde tips. Both surfaces are smooth and without the adze marks that you generally find on Western or Central Desert artifacts. The cross section is lenticular. This boomerang was probably made using a band saw and a sanding drum (not stone tools). This is a heavy boomerang, without damage, and it would make a nice display item. You can also throw it or show it off when you do demonstrations without worrying about damaging a valuable artifact.. Length = 68 cm ; Weight = 438 gm

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