Aboriginal Emu Feather Ceremonial Dance Ornament from Mornington Island

Item TB306

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This item is a ceremonial dance ornament from the Walpiri Tribe of the Lardil Group located on Mornington Island in Queensland. The feathers are from the tail of the Emu, a large flightless bird similar to the African Ostrich. This ornament is wrapped at the base to form a handle. It is used as a hand held dance wand with the famous human hair conical hats in public phases of circumcision ceremonies. This artifact was acquired by Sir Lorin Hawes in the 1950s and he gave it to me as a gift in 1985, so it is nearly 60 years old and I have displayed it in my home for the past 28+ years. The ornament is in very good condition.

Height = 40 cm ; Weight = 148 gm

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