Three Aztec Clay Pipes - Reproductions from Mazatlan, Mexico

Item TB318

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I acquired these clay pipes in the late 1960s from a student who spent a lot of time in Mexico. These clay pipes were acquired in Mazatlan. They are reproductions of pre-Columbian artifacts that were on display in the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. These pipes are well made and they are in very good condition. The student had used these pipes in the dormitory. There are small chips at the end of the stems on two pipes, but this is noticeable only when looking from an end view. All three pipes have bowls with animal shapes. Two depict birds and one depicts a mammal. One of the birds is obviously a parrot. These are good collectibles and as reproductions, they are more than 45 years old. I will only ship these to an address in the USA.

Bird #1 : Length = 19 cm ; Weight = 42 gm

Bird #2 : Length = 19 cm ; Weight = 36 gm

Mammal : Length = 19 cm ; Weight = 34 gm

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