Two Competition Atlatls from Michigan

Item TB398  

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This item is a pair of atlatls made by members of the Michigan Atlatl Association in the 1990s. One of the atlatl makers was Jim Gilligan. These are my two favorite atlatls. They are well balanced and feel very nice in the hand. Both have leather finger loops similar to what you find on Mexican atlatls. One has a wooden peg and the other has a bone or antler peg. Neither one has an atlatl weight, but you can easily add one if you wish. I think that both are perfect without weights. Both have wear, but they are still in very nice condition with no cracks or dings. I am only selling these because I no longer compete with atlatls.

Atlatl 1: Length = 66 cm ; Weight = 164 gm

Atlatl 2: Length = 61 cm ; Weight = 86 gm

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