Decorated Throwstick from Western Australia

Item TB73 

This Item Sold on 12 October 2007 for $69

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This Aboriginal boomerang ( throwstick ) was made out of a dense heavy hardwood, possibly Jarrah, by Aborigines from the western desert region of Australia. Both the upper and lower surfaces are rubbed with red ochre. The upper surface has incised geometric decorations running along the entire length. This throw stick was probably made in the mid 20th Century. There is impact damage (chips) to both tips. At the narrow end, the ochre is rubbed over the chipped end. The heavy end has more pronounced damage as can be seen in the photo below. There is a white paint mark on the underside at the heavy end. This throwstick displays well and is probably still strong enough to throw if it is thrown with caution and in a grassy field. This throwstick would sell for considerably more money if it didn't have the damaged tips. Span = 70 cm Weight = 376 gm.

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