Throwstick and Boomerang from the Central Desert of Australia

Item TB75 

This item was sold on 4 December 2006 for $60

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This pair of Aboriginal boomerangs are from the Central Desert region of Australia. They were made by Aborigines out of a dense heavy hardwood, possibly Mulga. One is a classic throwstick and the other is in the shape of a returning boomerang but it was not made for return flights. The surfaces are smooth on both sides. There is no damage on the throwstick other than minor edge wear and chipping and a small natural knot or worm hole. The smaller boomerang has a tiny chip in the blonde coloured wood at the upper edge of the elbow. This pair was probably made in the mid 20th Century. Span = 57 cm & 44 cm. Weight = 356 gm & 200 gm.

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