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Last updated on 8 July 2011

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What is the Definition of an Atlatl ?
The National Musueum of the Americas has a wonderful website with search capabilities and photographs of artifacts. Check out the atlatls in the Museum of the American Indian.

If you enjoy communicating with other atlatl throwers, try joining the Community Zero Atlatl web site at: For more information about this site, please email: Scott Van Arsdale

Dennis Lantz is the webmaster for the Atlatls 'N More website. This is an online magazine for the atlatl community, Atlatls 'N More and Atlatl Digest will be dynamic and updated regularly with pictures, articles, and more.

The Michigan Atlatl Association has great links and information about atlatls. One link of special interest is a review of The Use of the Atlatl on Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan.

Margie & Frank Takoch have posted a rather large Gallery of Atlatl Photographs from their many recent atlatl adventures. In addition to photographs of many different atlatl events, they have posted photos of their visit to the Smithsonian to see the rather Large Collection of Atlatls in the National Archives. Also, see their photos of the Marshall 2003 Competition.

Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl relates stories with photographs of many of his atlatl hunting and fishing adventures. There is also a new link to the new Atlatl Hunting and Fishing Site. There is a lot of information about how to hunt and fish on this web site.

John Whittaker has posted a large annotated atlatl bibliography and a photo essay on atlatl principles and how he coaches students to throw at

PaleoPlanet is a photo/discussion forum, sort of a cyber camp for prehistoric skills enthusiasts with a number of discussion forums that involve all manner of subjects, including atlatls. Contact Tom Mills for more information.

Two small web pages show photos taken at the Valley of Fire World Atlatl Association Tournament in Nevada - April 1995 by Jim Gilligan of the Michigan Atlatl Association. Page #1 shows competitor Ray Madden with an eskimo style atlatl & unfletched river cane dart. A second photo shows a selection of atlatls and darts made by Charlie Brown of Arvada, Colorado and used in the tournament. Page #2 shows additional photographs taken at this tournament.

Yes, some throwers do hunt with atlatls. Lou Becker of the Michigan Atlatl Association is shown with his boar at the end of an Atlatl Hunt in McArthur, Ohio in 1995.

Kevin L Callahan has several web pages about atlatls that are definitely worth visiting. Start with the Mammoth Atlatl Page and then go to Kevin's How to Throw with an Atlatl web page. There are lots of other interesting links to follow after you review these pages. Some pages take a while to load, but it is worth the wait.
The Northern Plains Atlatl Association has posted a web site with atlatl designs & plans & ethnographic artifacts and other links. This is a really good site, especially for plans, so be sure to visit.
Atlatls were used in North America 3,000 - 6,000 years ago. Click here to see remnants of a Very Old Atlatl Hook from Davis County, Indiana from the Archaic period, complete with closeup photos.
"Atlatl Bob" Perkins has a great web page with a catalog and lots of great information about atlatls. Visit Atlatl Bob's Atlatl Precision Atlatl and Dart Systems Web Page today! Also, Atlatl Bob has posted a terrific online resource called the World Atlatl Magazine with a tremendous amount of information. This is one of the best web pages to look for information about atlatls.
Dart Throwers were in common use in the countries of Panama & Colombia. Read the wonderful article titled "Dart-thrower use in Colombia and its representation in Colombian rock art." by Harry Marriner.
Mac Maness has posted several terrific atlatl pages on his site: Atlatl & Darts; Atlatl Archaeology ; Atlatl & Dart Mechanics & Atlatl Weights.
Rutland High School's Anthropology Class has an ATLATL web page which shows how the students have competed. There is also an Atlatl Source Page. Many thanx to the class instructor, John Peterson for providing these links.
Archnet is one the best Archaeology references on the internet.
Thomas Elpel of the Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School has posted an excellent web page by Atlatl Bob titled The Atlatl and Dart. This page has links to: Stealth Technology 1992 BC; and ATLATL WEIGHTS: Function and Classification. Also see Outside Magazine's article about Atlatl Bob.
Ben Pressley has an information packet on how to construct an atlatl. This web page has information on other kinds of primitive technologies as well.
Chris Oberg has published photos of the 2005 Bois Blanc Rendezvous

Chris Smith and Ben Pressley have put together a narration on the Origin of the Word "Atlatl".

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