Silver & Ivory Boleadoras from Argentina
This bola was sold in an auction in 2003 for $320. It had the following description: This is a unique and superb handmade scuplture representing the famous Gaucho Carácter Martín Fierro. In the province of Jujuy, from which this piece comes, the craftmanship of such items is one of the most important trades. The manufacturing of fine bolas such as these began in colonial times when churches of the region were adorned with this kind of decoration. In contemporary times, men create objects for current use, mixing in details of the old and modern technologies. Martín Fierro is one of the major literary works from Argentina. The story tells about the crude realities of the life of a Gaucho in colonial times and about the men who were sent to the frontier during the war with the aboriginal tribes. The native language used in this poetic novel is one of the most important issues of the novel, and it's writer, Jose Hernandez, spent a lot of time learning all he could by living amongst the gauchos.

Length: 1 meter cords ; Weight: 900 grams ; Materials: Alpaca and Cow Leather 

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