Eskimo (East Inuit) Bird Bolas

Alaskan or East Inuit Eskimo bird Bolas. These are hunting tools for snaring birds in flight in the Arctic, probably dating from the 19th century. They consist of a handle attached to lines made of sinew, at the ends of which are attached weights. In this case there are 6 lines and 6 carved walrus ivory weights, 2.5" in length by 1" in width. Each had a hole bored in the ends to which are attached the lines. The hunter, holding the handle, swings the bola horizontally over his head in a circular motion and lets go after aiming at flying birds. If successful the lines snare the birds. This set is complete with the fortified sinew handle, 6 lines and 6 ivory weights. One of the weights is detached and the lines are somewhat snarled.


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