Prehistoric Bola Stone from Uruguay
This is a nice authentic stone artifact from the Charrúa culture, found in Salto, Uruguay. It's part of a South American device called "boleadora" made up of three balls (like this) held together by leather thongs and used to trip up and catch game or cattle. The trick was to hold one ball and swing the other two around one's head, then release it at the target. The original population of Charrúa Indians was gradually decimated over three centuries, culminating on 11 April 1831 in a mass killing at Salsipuedes, which was led by General Fructuoso Rivera, Uruguay's first president. After that date, the few remaining Charrúas were dispersed and a viable Charrúa culture was a thing of the past. Four Charrúas &emdash; Senaqué, the leader Vaimaca Pirú, the warrior Tacuabé and his wife Guyunusa &emdash; were taken to Paris in 1833 to be displayed as circus attractions.

Weight = 274 gm ; Diameter = 57mm

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