The Language of the Goddess

Unearthing the Hidden Symbols of Western Civilization

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The Language of the Goddess: Unearthing the Hidden Symbols of Western Civilization ( 1989 )

ISBN 10: 0062503561 / ISBN 13: 9780062503565

Publisher: Harper & Row ; Author(s): Gimbutas, Marija ; Publication Date: 1989 ; Hard Cover + DJ : 388 pages ; English

The Goddess is the most potent and persistent feature in the archaeological records of the ancient world, a symbol of the unity of life in nature and the personification of all that was sacred and mysterious on earth. In this pioneering and provocative volume, Marija Gimbutas resurrects the world of Goddess-worshipping, earth-centered cultures, bringing ancient matriarchal society vividly to life. She interweaves comparative mythology, early historical sources, linguistics, ethnography, and folklore to demonstrate conclusively that Goddess-worship is at the root of Western civilization. Illustrated with nearly 2,000 symbolic artifacts, Gimbutas' magnum opus is at once a pictorial script of the prehistoric Goddess religion and an authoritative work that takes these ancient cultures from the realm of speculation into that of documented fact. Over 500 illustrations This book is in excellent condition. The DJ has edge wear and surface spots, but there are no tears.

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