Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis - ASCE 1993 Proceedings

with bonus: ASCE 1997 Proceedings Volume II

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Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis (1993)

Soft Cover , American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by J. Michael Hemsley, Orville T. Magoon ; 1994 ; 1055 pages ; English ; ISBN-10: 0872629228 ; ISBN-13: 9780872629226

This item is the bound proceedings of the 1993 Ocean Wave and Measurement International Symposium that was held in New Orleans in 1993. I am also including a bonus, book - volume two of the proceedings from the 1997 Symposium that was held in Virginia Beach. Both of these volumes are in used, but very good condition with the binding and pages in excellent condition. The front cover of the bonus volume has a slight crease at the bottom. The previous owner's name was written on the inside first page on both volumes. Otherwise, these volumes are in excellent condition. These volumes would be of interest to any professional working in Ocean Science, Civil Engineering or Coastal Development. Also these volumes have applications in Navigation, Ocean Power Generation and Physical Oceanography. The specs for these volumes are:

WAVES 93 - Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis: American Society of Civil Engineers Proceedings of the Second International Symposium, Honoring Professor Robert L. Wiegel, Sponsored by the Waterways, Port, Coastal and Ocean Division of ASCE and held in New Orleans, Louisiana, (ISBN: 0872629228 / 0-87262-922-8), edited by Orville T. Magoon, J.Michael Hemsley. This is a publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA, 1994. Soft cover, 1054 pp These proceedings, has papers presented at the Second International Symposium on Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis ( WAVES 93 ) held in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 25-28, 1993. It explores the major advances in wave measurement and quantification of ocean and lake waves, including the technical knowledge and applications on wave theory, characteristics, design and techniques. The topics addressed in these proceedings are both national and international in scope and include practical examples and case histories on wave transformation, data analysis and reliability, wave modeling, applications, long waves, extreme wave statistics, and other topics relating to wave research over the last two decades. This proceedings will provide anyone involved with coastal technology a primary reference to the latest information in the field of wave measurement and analysis.

WAVES 97 Vol. II - The proceedings of the Third International Symposium Waves 97 held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, November 3-7, 1997 (ISBN: 9780784403464), "Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis", edited by Billy L. Edge and J. Hemsley , consists of papers that were presented at the Third International Symposium on Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis, WAVES 97, which was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia on November 3-7, 1997.The topics are similar to the WAVES 93 volume (see description above). This is volume II only and it contains pages 787 - 1550

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