World's Largest Boomerang

Gerhard Walter from Austria has set a new world record by making and throwing the world's largest returnable boomerang. Over the past 2 decade, I have heard numerous reports from Australian boomerang throwers about an 8 foot (244 cm) monster boomerang. However, I did some research and could find no information about an eight foot boomerang. Instead, I found that the largest carefully documented returnable boomerang was made by Bunny Read in Australia. Bunny's daughter, Leanne Loveland, sent me the following photo of her father's World Record Boomerang that she has hanging on the wall in her boomerang shop. This boomerang has a tip-to-tip span of 181 cm (71 inches).

In January 2008, Gerhard Walter of Austria contact me and asked for information about the world's largest boomerang, because he wanted to construct one that was even bigger. I told him that I thought the world's largest boomerang had a span of 8 feet (244 cm) and challenged him to make one that was even bigger. Almost three months later Gerhard emailed me with news that he had succeeded in creating a boomerang that was larger than 8 feet. His new design, called the "Flying Bigfoot - Highlander" has a span of 259 cm (8.49 feet) and with a weight of 1045 gm (37 ounces). This boomerang is made out of Fir and it has epoxy tips. The flight range is 25 metres. You can see photos of Gerhard's world record boomerang below. Congratulations go to Gerhard for his marvellous achievement.

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