Key Boomerang Throwers
last updated: 24 August 2008
This listing provides contact information for key boomerang throwers from around the world. These throwers are friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching others how to throw a boomerang. They may organize formal or informal group boomerang throws in your area or they can let you know when others get together for a local throw. If you have problems with your boomerangs or need to learn how to throw advanced models like Maximum Time Aloft , Fast Catch, Doubling, Juggling, Long Distance, etc., then these are the people you need to contact because throwing instructions can only take you so far. Don't be shy. Contact these throwers. They are listed by Zip Code in the USA or by Country.
Key Boomerang Throwers in the USA
Paul Gustafson ; South Burlington, VT 05403 ; 802-864-3212 ;

Dave Hendricks ; Allentown, PA 18109 ; 610-434-7305 ;

Gary Broadbent ; Canton, OH 44718 ; 330-492-7264 ;

Tony Brazelton ; Indianapolis Boomerang Club ; Greenwood, IN 46143 ; 317-883-2334 ;

Ted Bailey ; Ann Arbor, MI 48104 ; boomflight

Kendall Davis ; Rock Island, IL 61021 ; 309-793-9885 ;

David Hirsch ; Dallas, TX 75217 ;

Dave Hughes ; Austin, TX 78728 ;

Richard Pollock-Nelson ; Aurora, CO 80013 ; 303-368-5933 ;

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