Cristobal High School Class of 1968

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last update - 11 July 2007

Reneé (Ballou) Krimminger is the Class Coordinator for the Cristobal High School Class of 1968. For information regarding class reunions and other class activities, please email Reneé at:

Ted Bailey is the webmaster for this website. If you have changes to classmate contact information or comments regarding this web site, please email Ted at:

The CHS Class of 1968 maintains an extensive database with contact information for all classmates, including phone numbers, email and mailing addresses. In the interest of privacy and to avoid those intrusive internet robots that search out email addresses for the proliferation of SPAM, this information will not be posted. If you are a classmate or a friend of one of our classmates, contact information will be provided to you upon receipt of your identity and need to know this information. You may request CHS Class of 1968 contact information by emailing Ted Bailey at:

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