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The 40th Reunion of the Cristobal High School Class of 1968 was held in Orlando, Florida over the July fourth weekend in 2008. The theme of the reunion was "Making Tracks To The Past". This event was held in conjunction with the Panama Canal Society Reunion. The following is a mssage from Renée:

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our classmates who were the recipient of the Roosevelt Medal holder descendants who were honored at the Society's annual luncheon this past July. Peggy & Dennis have shared this photo with you for those that might want to download it. This sight also has the SA Train print that is mentioned in the article AND Dennis seems to have mastered the best class picture & it is also at this sight. (Again his magic shines thru). Tho we will have not identified the phantom tiger who has gotten in our photo!!!!!!

Another BIG thank you goes to those of you that "added to the kitty" to help make up some short comings on our funds. Your generosity took us out of the red & a small surplus for next time. We will look more closely at our events/costs next time & if needed charge a nominal increase will eliminate the "passing the hat".

As with everything that is done we always learn things to keep, do away with or change. Executing plans for our reunions is no exception. Thoughts have been expressed to have more time for attendees to also be able to take advantage of society's offerings & time to "make the rounds" to visit with friends/family that are at reunion but not necessarily involved in our class reunion. Also to maybe make our "class dinner" on Friday night to avoid the rush to getting ready for the big Saturday dance etc. We are leaning towards making Thursday & Saturday events more like our informal Thursday cocktail party was and probably earlier. We had a lot of uneaten food & we will look at the best way & timing of these events. Of course as long as someone wants to man & be in the hospitality room that would be open. If you had some ideas or thoughts for our next one - send them on - always open to them. On that note, it was unanimous decision of the committee to share with you the final budget to let you know how the funds were spent.

There is a possibility of some joint venture(s) with BHS '68 for the 45th that would have to be coordinated with them & it could be fun & maybe some good-spirited competition sports(?) can be planned (volleyball, and anything else we might come up with). Again, ideas are welcome!!

PICTURES - thank you to everyone that has sent their pictures (in my opinion they were better than the official photographer). The link to view these is Link to our photos: d=en_US

You DO NOT need an account to view these nor do you have to buy these if you want them. Everyone that has shared their pictures has given permission for me to put on a CD & send you if you wish - just send me an email & make sure I have your mailing address (I may have it already & if you aren't sure send it just in case plus I have something I may be mailing in the near future& you don't want to be left out). If you have photos send them on I can always add to the album & goal is to send out the CD by the week of 8/18 (give enough time to get any more coming in.)

For those that have asked, here is the identification of the class photo (above):

Back row: Steve Burgess, Dave Belt, peter Baas, Rich Wainio, Craig Firth, Allen Cotton

Middle Row: Carol (Beall), Norman Spector, Joan (McCullough), Bruce Rainey, Steve Radel, Mike Kredell, Kenny Field, Dennis Huff, Steve Jackson

1st Row: Susan (Hirons), Beth (Lewis), Nora (Kirkland), Barbara (Geddes), Nathalie Champagne Radel, Joe Morgan, Randy Smith, Peggy (Hale), Hal Wade

In front: Renée

You can find class photos on the Kodak Gallery of CHS '68 40th Reunion Photos.

Hal Wade wants to share the photos that he took at the reunion with his classmates and other Canal Zone friends. Please visit Hal's Panama Hal's Myspace.

Dennis Huff has posted some photos on his Zenfolio website at:

Classmate Rich Wainio recently made headlines about his Role as the Port Captain in Tampa.

Peggy and Dennis Huff have produced a wonderful DVD that has a one hour tour of the Atlantic Townsites, filmed in 1988. Dennis uploaded a Preview of the Atlantic Side 1988 Tour DVD to share with the Panama Canal Community. The cost of the DVD with shipping included is only $7.50. For more information, email Peggy at:

Allen Cotton plans to retrace the tour in Peggy's DVD when he return to Panama on 20 August 2008. If you want Allen to video the house wher eyou used to live (if it is still standing), email Allen and give him the house number, street & town before he leaves. Allen has digital maps of the Canal Zone town sites that he can email to you if needed. Allen's email address is:

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