Large Glass Bottle - Panama Railroad Company Commissary Division

Item PAN14

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This large old glass bottle was found in Gatun Lake not far from the Gatun Train Station. The surface of the bottle has the following words embossed on the surface: " Panama Railroad Company Railroad Division Industrial Laboratory ". There is a logo on the underside with the numbers 313. The bottle was empty when it was found and I am unaware of the original contents. The surfaces are stained, so it is difficult to see through the bottle. I think that you can clean this bottle with a chemical solution, but I have never attempted to do a cleaning. You can see seams on the edges, 180 degrees apart. There are no chips or other damage. A wonderful collectible from the early years of Panama Canal construction (pre 1920).

Length = 30 cm (12+ inches) ; Diameter = 9 cm (3.5 in) ; Weight = 846 gm (30 ounces)

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