Welcome to the Primitive Technology Home Page. Here you can find information about how to join Primitive Technology related email subscription groups. I have also added links to several other Primitive Technology web pages. Please make a link to this web page and check here occasionally for new information and links that may be of interest to you.
Last Updated: 9 June 2016

Special Primitive Technology Links:
Society of Primitive Technology
Great Lakes Primitives | Wilderness Way
atlatl | bola | boomerang | chackrum | sling
Primitive Technology Artifact Sales ; Aboriginal Throwsticks ; Fine Lithic Reproductions
Import Restrictions for Ethnographic Artifacts | Australian Import/Export Restrictions

Please Visit the Following WWW Pages:
Flight-Toys: http://www.flight-toys.com/
Boomerang World: http://www.flight-toys.com/boomerangs.htm
Bushcraft Magzine: http://www.bushcraftmagazine.com/
Primitive Technologies, Inc. http://www.primitivetechnologies.com/
Lithic Reproductions: http://www.flight-toys.com/lithic.html
Artifaq (Artifact Sales): http://www.artifaq.com/
Museum of the American Indian Artifacts: http://www.nmai.si.edu/searchcollections/advanced.aspx
archeologia sperimentale: http://www.archeologiasperimentale.it/
Paleoworld: http://paleoworld.com/
PaleoTechnics: http://www.paleotechnics.com/
Living Primitively: http://livingprimitively.com/
Flintnappers.com: http://www.flintknappers.com/
Lithic Artists Guild: http://www.lithicartistsguild.com/
D.C. Waldorf - http://www.dc-waldorf.com/
PaleoPlanet: http://paleoplanet69529.yuku.com/
The Florida Frontier Gazette: http://www.floridafrontier.com/
Michigan Archaeological Society: http://www.miarch.org/
TribalTech: http://www.tribaltek.org/
Ancient Pathways, LLC: http://www.apathways.com
Archaeology Magazine: http://cat.he.net/~archaeol/
Australian Aboriginal Studies: http://www.ciolek.com/WWWVL-Aboriginal.html
Native Way: http://www.nativewayonline.com/
Native Tech: http://www.nativetech.org/
The Paleolithic Diet Page: http://paleodiet.com/
HerbNET: http://www.herbnet.com/
Food Insects Newsletter: http://www.hollowtop.com/finl_html/finl.html
Dining on the Wilds: http://www.edibleplants.com
Wild Food Adventures: http://www.wildfoodadventures.com/
Jack Mountain Bushcrafts: http://www.jackmountainbushcraft.com/
First Earth Wilderness School, LLC: http://www.firstearth.org/
Karamat Wilderness Way: http://www.karamat.com/
A Naturalist's World: http://www.tracknature.com/
strawbaletradingpost: http://www.strawbaletradingpost.com/
Survival IQ: http://www.survivaliq.com
Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Inc. (BOSS): http://www.boss-inc.com
Greg Davenport Survival: http://www.gregdavenport.com/
Primitive Ways: http://www.primitiveways.com/
Braintan.com (and much more!): http://www.braintan.com/
Willow Winds: http://jmwillowwinds.com/
Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School: http://www.hollowtop.com
Hoods Woods Wilderness School: http://www.survival.com
Wilderness-Survival - http://www.wilderness-survival.net
Michigan Flintknappers: http://www.onagocag.com/michiganknappers.html
Flint Knapping Art: http://www.flintknappingart.com
Elk River Knapper: http://edge.edge.net/~rmhall/
Self Sufficiency/Self Reliance: http://members.tripod.com/~Armchair_Philosopher/
The Official Tracker School Homepage: http://members.aol.com/trackerinc/index.html
Neoanderthal: http://www.neoanderthal.com
Wilder Creek Conservation Club: http://hometown.aol.com/buoygenius/index.html
Hiking Safety: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/28708.html
Navigating with a Map and Compass: http://hikinghq.net/compass/compass_nav.html
Ammo Wilderness Survival: - http://ammo.com/articles/surviving-in-the-wild
Creating a Fire for Survival: http://www.fireplacespot.com/natures-fireplaces
Building a First Aid Kit: http://www.wta.org/hiking-info/basics/building-your-first-aid-kit
Three River Archery: http://www.3riversarchery.com/
BPS Engineering: http://www.atlatl.com/
Coon 'N Crockett Muzzle Loaders: http://www.coon-n-crockett.org/
Mediaeval Sword: http://www.vikingsword.com/
Ethnographic Edged Tools: http://www.vikingsword.com/ethsword/index.html
Museum Replicas Limited: http://www.museumreplicas.com/
Throwing Knives: http://www.buy-pepper-spray-today.com/Throwing-Knives-s/86.htm
Kakwa Traditional Aboriginal Artifact, Art & Adornment Replicas: http://www.kakwa.ca
Future Artifacts: http://futureartifacts.freeyellow.com/
Atlanta Cutlery: http://www.atlantacutlery.com/
William Fagan Antiquities: http://www.Faganarms.com/
Faganarms: http://www.trocadero.com/faganarms/catalog.html
Oceanic Tribal Art: http://www.oceanictribalart.com/
Oceana Ethnographica: http://www.oceania-ethnographica.com/index.html
Yirrkala Arts: http://www.yirrkala.com/gallery/index.php
Sandtraks: http://www.sandtraks.com.au/
Whip Artist: http://www.whipartist.com/

HOPS Primitive Living Skills Links: http://www.hollowtop.com/plinks.htm
Spell your name in Hieroglyphics

Join PaleoPlanet
PaleoPlanet is a photo/discussion forum, hosted by Tom Mills. PaleoPlanet is a cyber camp for prehistoric skills enthusiasts - sort of like a never ending primal gathering. There are a growing number of discussion forums that involve all manner of subjects (some, not so prehistoric - like knifemaking/bladesmithing): Bows, arrows, atlatls, darts, flintnapping, primal pottery, upcoming events, etc., with a big "general discussion" on anything and everything folks can think of (edible plants, friction fire, tracking, snares-traps), and so on. The URL for this web site is:

Join the PSG Primitive Skills Group
The PSG Primitive Skills Group is an online forum, hosted by Par Leijunhuvud, to discuss all phases of primitive, wilderness and survival skills. You can find additional details about this primitive skills group by visiting:

Get an email subscription to THROWER
thrower is an email subscription service that brings people together who have an interest in anything that is thrown. This includes: boomerangs, atlatls, bolas, knives, chackra & slings. There is a heavy emphasis on knives, but start a thread on another topic and see what happens. If you have an interest in Primitive Technology, you need to subscribe to this email subscription service. Many thanx to Matthew Rapaport for setting up the thrower group.
To subscribe, visit the following link and follow the instructions:

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