Terms for Selling Items on flight-toys.com

This web page summarizes the terms for anyone wishing to sell their products on flight-toys.com. This website sells several different kinds of products, including boomerangs, flying rings, books and artifacts, Fixed price items are only sold on the boomerangs and flying rings web pages. On all other web pages, all items will start at an initial price and then that price declines slowly until the item sells.

Fixed Price Catalog Items - I will no longer accept new items for sale at a fixed price in my catalog. Products that were previously listed at a fixed price will continue to be sold at a fixed price until the stock is depleted. My commission for fixed price products is 33% (1/3) of the final sale price. Fixed priced items cannot be sold on the collectable, hardwood or art web pages. All prices must be in dollars (USD). I will not sell products at a price that exceeds the listed price for the same product on another website. Sellers are allowed to change prices once each calendar year in case an item is a slow seller or if currency conversion adjustments are required. If a product is listed in the catalog for one year without any sales, then the seller has the option to have the items returned to the seller at the seller's expense or this fixed price product will be converted into a declining price product (has a yellow star next to the price) until it is sold. Any product converted into a declining price sale can never be sold again at a higher price than when it was sold when it had a yellow star.

Declining Price Products - All products that are sold on the artifacts and books web pages have a yellow star next to the price and this is a tag indicating that the price of that item will be reduced weekly until it is sold. On the boomerang web pages, all products on the collectable, hardwood and art web pages will be sold with a yellow star. The formula for the declining price is a 1% reduction, rounded down to the nearest whole dollar for items with a listed price of less than $100 or a more agressive exponential decay on items priced above $100. The calculated price is truncated to show only the whole dollar amount for simplicity. Therefore, some items will appear to have no price reduction until the price falls below the next lower whole dollar value. My commision for declining price products is tiered so that if an item sells for more than $100, then my commission is 20% (1/5). If an items sells at a price between $51 and $100, then my commission is 25% (1/4). If a product sells for $50 or less, then my commision is 33% (1/3) of the final sale price.

Boomerang Auctions - The commission on any product that sells in a boomerang auction is 20% (1/5) regardless of the final selling price.

Sellers are responsible for the shipping cost to get items to me. We must agree on a fixed price or a starting declining price before the items are sent to me. I will maintain an account for all sellers and periodically make payments to the sellers as their items are sold. I can make payment through PayPal or I can mail a check. I will not send money through a bank transfer because my bank charges a very large fee for this service. I can also purchase goods for you if you are overseas or I can keep your money in an account and make payments for you in the USA as needed.

I do not want to sell items in my catalog that are being offered for sale on other websites. If you send me items to sell and I find the same items for sale on another website at a lower price, then my sale price will be reduced to match the sale price on the other website and I will not accept replacement items until those items are no longer being offered for sale on other websites. The exception to this rule is a few low cost boomerangs (triFlys, proFlys etc.) and boomerangs that are sold in an boomerang auction.

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