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Last updated on 19 March 2017

The Spring 2017 Boomerang Auction (#40) is currently in progress. A listing of all auction items can be found at:

Boomerang Auction #40 ( Spring 2017 )

The auction is organized by country with Australia, Canada, Japan, Europe and the USA in that order. Finally, there is a group of Plastic Boomerangs (not junk) and T-shirts/Miscellaneous items in that order. Left handed boomerangs are combined with right handed boomerangs. There are some really nice collectibles in this auction, including several nice strip laminated Cryderman booms, Herb Smith and Al Gerhards boomerangs and a bunch of popular models by Michael Girvin, Volker Behrens, Aivar Brengulis, Rusty Harding and many more. Among the miscellaneous items, there is a box of personal photos and things from the Max Hoeben collection. One item includes two volumes with Pat Cardiff's notes and sketches. Thiese were his design books that were used to create his magical art boomerangs. Lots of left handed boomerangs are mixed in with the right handed ones. Please read the descriptions carefully.

I will have detailed photos of all auction items posted before the auction ends on 1 May 2017. I plan to post photos weekly and send an email out with each posting with comments about the auction items. Please let me know if you find any errors in the descriptions or have anything to add. I am accepting bids between now and 1 May 2017.

Please review the:

Rules for Auction Sellers

Rules for Auction Bidders

You can estimate the value of collectable boomerangs by visiting the Boomerang Pricing Guide Web Page. This web page also has links to the final sale prices from previous boomerang auctions.

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