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Last updated on 2 January 2017

The Fall 2016 Boomerang Auction (#39) has ended. I will leave links to the photos and item description on this web page until the end of 2016. A listing of all auction items can be found at:

Boomerang Auction #39 ( Fall 2016 )

Final Prices for Items Sold in Auction #39

Yes, I do plan to hold another boomerang auction in the Spring of 2017. I have limited space for new auction items. If you participated in the Fall 2016 boomerang Auction as a seller or bidder, you are eligible to submit boomerangs for the Sprint 2017 auction. I need to reserve space now and you should mail your auction items by the first week of January 2017 so that they arrive in time for me to log them in.

The auction is organized by country with Canada, Australia, Europe, USA and T-shirts in that order. Left handed boomerangs are combined with right handed boomerangs. There are some really nice collectibles in this auction, including an Oscar Cuartas feather lapped Lark II, several nice strip laminated Cryderman booms, 6 Herb Smith boomerangs and 6 strip laminated Al Gerhards boomerangs. There are also a bunch of Girvin Rod Jones, Volker Behrens, Aivar Brengulis, Max Hoeben, Rusty Harding and many more sport, competition, art hardwood and collectible boomerangs to choose from. One of the T-shirts is from the 1981 Aussie/USA Challenge Match. One of the Hoeben boomerangs is his famous Freedom Boomerang that was thrown over the Berlin Wall. It is signed on the bottom by members of the East German Boomerang Club before the wall was torn down. Max's East German pass and 3 framed graphics are included with this one. Lots of left handed boomerangs mixed in with the right handed ones. Please read the descriptions carefully.

I will have detailed photos of all auction items posted before the auction ends on 1 November 2016. I plan to post photos weekly and send an email out with each posting with comments about the auction items. Please let me know if you find any errors in the descriptions or have anything to add to my descriptions. I am accepting bids between now and 1 November 2016.

Please review the:

Rules for Auction Sellers

Rules for Auction Bidders

You can estimate the value of collectable boomerangs by visiting the Boomerang Pricing Guide Web Page. This web page also has links to the final sale prices from previous boomerang auctions.

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