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Welcome to the Primitive Technology Artifacts Sale web page. All items that I market are authentic ethnographic collectibles. Each item has photos and is identified by region and culture, material and age. You can click on the geographical links or on the map below to find artifacts from specific geographical regions. Almost every item will have weekly price reductions until those items sell. Please check these links occasionally as new items are added often. If you are interested in purchasing any items, please contact Ted Bailey to check for availability and to determine the shipping costs. Please see the ordering instructions and please read the safety rules if you plan to use any of these artifacts. I try hard to limit my artifact sales to only items that can be legally marketed in the USA. Some of these artifacts may not be imported into other countries if those countries have import laws that are different from the laws in the USA. A summary of the rules for import/export in the USA can be found on the following web links: Import Restrictions for Ethnographic Artifacts | Australian Import/Export Restrictions

 I would like to add additional artifacts through consignment sales or by direct purchase. Please contact Ted Bailey if you have anything to sell.

Please View the Historical Ethnographic Artifacts Sale Prices web page as a guide to artifact pricing.
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