Old Central Desert Swan Neck Throwstick

Item RF08  

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This large Swan Neck (also called Beak or 7) throwstick is one of the finest boomerangs from the Central Desert region of Australia. This is an older one from the first part of the 20th Century in excellent condition. The workmanship is nearly perfect and there are essentially no natural wood flaws or damage. The heaviest section, near the "beak" has an age crack that can be seen in the photo below. This is rather common with older examples of these heavy section throwsticks abd is the result of moisture loss and shrinkage, rather than from damage. There is a red brown color to the surface resulting from the application of red ochre. The front surface is grooved with linear striations as a result of stone tool usage. The reverse side is inished with shallow adze markings as in normally found with these old throwsticks. This is a fine collectable and better than any of the swan Neck throwsticks in my personal collection.

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