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updated on 15 March 2018

The Spring 2018 Boomerang Auction (#42) is currently in progress. A listing of all auction items can be found at:

Boomerang Auction #42 ( Spring 2018 )

The Spring 2018 auction has a total of 200 items. This auction is organized by category and/or by country. The first group includes boomerangs made out of natural elbows or with hardwood lap joints or by strip laminations. The second group includes competition and Carbon composite boomerangs. The third group includes art boomerangs. The next several groups are organized by region: Canada, Australia, Europe and the USA. The next three groups are all plastic boomerangs. These are not garbage dollar store products. Most are very nice flyers and most have not been on the market for decades. The second plastic group is entirely Eric Darnell designs and proucts Many prototypes and generations are included in a variety of materials. The last plastic group is all LMI & Fox. These are all great flyers. Many of these are older models in new or almost condition. The last group includes LP records, books and T-shirts. Please read the descriptions carefully.

I will have detailed photos of all auction items posted before this auction ends on 1 May 2018. I plan to post photos weekly and send an email out with each posting with comments about the auction items. Please let me know if you find any errors in the descriptions or have any comments to add. I am accepting bids between now and 1 May 2018

Please review the:

Rules for Auction Sellers

Rules for Auction Bidders

Byham/Fullwood Elbows (1-3) | More Aussie Elbows (4-7) | Al Gerhards S/L (8-11)

Cuartas (12-13) | Hardwood Trads (14-16) | USA Lap Joints (17-20)

Brengulis (21-25) | Japanese Lap Joints (26-29) | Carbon Composites (30-35)

Distance and Doubling (36-38) | MTA (39-43) | F/C (44-45) | F/C (46-52)

more Auction #42 Photos soon

You can estimate the value of collectable boomerangs by visiting the Boomerang Pricing Guide Web Page. This web page also has links to the final sale prices from previous boomerang auctions.

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