Boomerang History & Ethnographic Web Links
updated: 11 December 2013

This web page lists web sites with ethnographic, cultural and historical information about indigenous peoples who use (or have used) boomerangs, throwsticks and other related devices over the years.

North America


The New York Times has posted an archival document in pdf format with information about Charles Emerson's Famous Boomerang Gun. Dated 31 January 1893

The University of Texas at Austin has posted photos of artifacts that came from a Ceremonial Cave. The artifacts included a selection of very fine prehistoric Rabbit Sticks made by indigenous Native Americans from that region.

Crystal Links has posted a small thesis about the historical use of the boomerang by J. E. J. Lenoch titled " Throwing Wood and Boomerang ".

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has an Aboriginal Hunting Boomerang that was donated to Michael Collins by the Australian Television Network Channel 7 in celebration of the success of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

 Ben Pressley has great information about rabbit stick (North American throwstick) technology.



A boomerang and two clubs that were obtained by Captain Cook on his first visit to Australia are being auctioned at Christie's auction house. The auctioneer says that the antique throwing stick was probably collected by the British naval officer during his first trip to Australia in 1770. The relic is expected to fetch up to 60,000 pounds, or about $111,000. As usual, Aborigines from the Sydney area are demanding the return of the artifacts at no cost to them. You can read all about it at: and at:

Aboriginal Studies - If you are a fan of the Australian Aborigines, you should visit this site. There are so many links to Aboriginal WWW pages that you can spend an entire day surfing Aboriginal web links.

Pat Dunn from the Notre Dame University visited the Louvre in Paris and took this photo of a marvelous 4,000 year old Egyptian returning boomerang made out of Hippopotamus tooth.

YouTube Videos of Historical Interest


Ted Bailey Demonstrates MTA on Channel 13 in Toledo, Ohio 1986 - Nail Neil Sports Segment

Ted Bailey is the first thrower in history to do Super Catch - Toledo, Ohio 1986

Ted Bailey demonstrates MTA Technology on CNN News - Ann Arbor, Michigan 1992

Ted Bailey promotes Toss Across America on Channel 2 in Detroit - April 1993


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