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last updated on 7 June 2011
Greetings! This web page is a child's guide to obtain information about boomerangs. The links below will take you to web pages that will provide the young (8-14) reader with an explanation as to why boomerangs return, how to throw them, boomerang events and more. Please remember that a parent should help children when they try to throw a boomerang for the first time.
Aerodynamics for Kids , advanced , intermediate , beginner and a teachers lesson plan.

Boomerang Anatomy | Boomerang Safety Rules | Throwing Instructions

NASA K-12 Flight Instructions (has links & free software)

Boomerangs that kids can make at home:

Cardboard Boomerangs | CD Rom Boomerang

Four Wing Boomerang | National Geographic World Boomerang

Please visit the boomerang books web page. At the bottom of this web page, you can find several educational books about boomerangs in pdf format that you can download for free. These are great for kids who are doing a science project on boomerangs. If your student needs any help with understanding the science of boomerangs for their projects, please contact Ted Bailey. Ted is a retired Engineer with 35 years of experience with making and throwing boomerangs. He currently teaches math and science (including a special flight science class) at schools in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This web page was provided as a service of There are more than 100 links about boomerangs at Boomerang World. Here you can find advanced information about how to make and throw boomerangs, where to buy boomerangs that really work and just about anything else related to the sport of boomerangs. Please use an adult as a guide before ordering a boomerang. And if you are left handed, you may need a special left handed boomerang. Happy Throwing!

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