Noncommercial Boomerang Web Pages

updated: 20 February 2012

This web page has links to general information about boomerangs that is noncommercial and has useful information for craftsmen, throwers, collectors and hobbyists.

North America

National Geographic World has an online kids magazine with a Introduction to Boomerangs Web Page and Instructions for making a cardboard boomerang.

Kendall Davis is the moderator for a yahoo website with boomerang information called Boomerang Talk.

Pat Steigman has a nice web page with a photo gallery of the strip laminated, lap joint and plywood boomerangs that he has made. Visit the Steigman Boomerang Bag today. Pat has also established a Youtube Boomerang Video Archives with dozens of historical videos.

TVS Boomerangs - Taras Skibicky's web page with links to photos of his boomerangs.

View Dwight Souder's web thread with information about Boomerang Events and Science.


 Gunter Wandtke has posted a web page for the Boomerang Throwing Association of NSW in Sydney.

Pierre Kutek (France) has posted a wonderful memorial web page honoring Art & Les Janetzki and their boomerangs

David Schummy has posted a web page with highlights from the 2000 World Boomerang Cup.

Roger Perry is publishing an E-Magazine called Boomerang World for the International Federation of Boomerang Associations



Andrea Ganzera has posted the Motorang website, with a small, but nice gallery of his boomerangs. Also has downloads, links, FAQs, etc.


Fast Herm's Boomerang Pages - Herman Peeters has created this home page with links and pictures of his boomerang collection. Nicely done.

Czech Republic

Michal Vejlupek has posted a rather comprehensive blog website called SportBumerang. This website has a tremendous amount of information about competition events in the Czech language.


Jens Krabbe has published his Krabbe Boomerang web page with photographs of the boomerangs from his collection. There is also a page with information about Danish Boomerang Events in both Danish and English.

Ulf Valentin has a wonderful U. V. Lightrangs web page with links to a photo gallery, games and software.


The France Boomerang Federation is a wonderful source for information.about boomerangs. The Learning Link has information about how boomerangs work, theory and a lot more. You can even download a copy of the Felix Hess Thesis in pdf format and view movies about boomerangs.

Pierre Kutek has posted a web page depicting his unusual composite boomerangs as well as a page with boom links. This site also has a set of +300 boomplans in a .rar format to download. Check out Pierre's web page showing Georgi Dimantchev's competition boomerangs and a special web page honoring Art & Les Janetzki and their boomerangs. Visit Pierre's gallery of art boomerangs by Pat Cardiff and natural elbows by Jay Butters. Also, for competition throwers who like to modify their own triFlys, visit Pierre Kutek's triFly web page site.

Jacques Thomas has posted a website with information (in French) about the Jacques Thomas Collection called " From Prehistory to the Space Age". Jacques' collection is one of the best and most unique in the world. Jacques has an interest in the unusual and everything he does is fascinating with projects like throwing boomerangs in Space (he had a French Astronaut do it!) to detained studies of the boomerangs that were found in King Tut's tomb (he did this himself) and activities in the La Perouse Boomerang Club de France. Take a peek at what Jacques has done with his life's passion on this marvellous website. Also check out the Jacques Thomas' mini-autobiography on the intertel website.

Boomerang Passion - a huge site where you can discover the boomerang, read instructions about throwing, making (more than 150 plans are available) and decorating. You'll find boomerang news (competitions, records), a directory of 130 sites about boomerang, many free downloads, a newsletter, and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The L'Ami boom web site has lots of information about boomerang history, plans, throwing sticks and more.

Amiel Arnaud has published web pages with instructions for making a Cardboard Boomerang, a CD Boomerang. and an Origami Boomerang

Luc CORMIER's has posted a rather informative Boomerang Home Page with lots of great informaiton including Luc's own cartoon gallery.

Boz's Boomerang Pages - Boomerang web page of Froment Laurent.


Hagü Nikolayczyk and Heinz Willi Dammers are producing an internet based boomerang magazine, issued 4 times a year with 32 pages in color. The newsletter is in German. For more information, please visit Boom Zone Newsletter.

Stanislaus Plewinski has posted the Harmony-Fly web site with links to different German boomerang clubs, tournament photos and a neat slide show depicting a Gallery of Plewinski Boomerangs.

Oli Thienhaus has posted a web page for the mighty World Champion Young Guns Boomerang Team.

Gunter Moller has small but very nice Tapir Boomerang Web Page.

Sascha Winkler has put up a homepage with Photos from German Boomerang Tournaments

Joachim Rauser has posted the German language Bumeranginfo website, a nice boomerang web page with links to plans, a gallery, photos and a lot more.


Boemerang NLR is a Dutch webpage maintained by Martijn Koolloos, who works in the National Aerospace Laboratory of Nederland. Of special interest is the Megarang , a 1.20m giant boomerang made in composite carbon / polystyren by Bart Harkema.


Mark Fulton has a small but nice web page titled How To Make Boomerangs That Come Back. Mark lives in Northern Ireland.


The Boomerang E Lanci Firenze is a small web page with information about the different competition events in Italian. 


Aivars Brengulis has posted the Brengula Bumerangi web page which includes plans, archaeology and photos of his boomerang products.


B AGGRESSiVE - An excellent web page dedicated to the long distance event. This site was constructed by Lorenz Gubler and Tibor Horvath of Switzerland. It has excellent information about long distance boomerangs: history, records, materials, plans, airfoils, science, boom links, and a photo gallery. Check out their Book about Long Distance Boomerangs. Boomerang News is a innovative news webpage that summarizes everything from competition dates to boomerang design and everything else.

Frédéric Declercq has published a boomerang page in French titled "Boomerangs Spirit" with: History, How to do and to throw, Fun, Plans, Art Gallery, French Clubs, Records, Rules of Competition, Swiss tournaments, rankings, list of publications, Boom links, etc.



The Flying Boards is a web page hosted by the International Juggling Organization titled: "Flying Boards Travel East with Dai Shucheng." This Chinese juggler is a master who can keep several multi-bladers flying at the same time.


Hiroyuki Murata has posted another Japanese language web page called Boomerang Murata with information about Japanese tournament results, pictures & movies. This is a very large web site and worth exploring, even if your browser is not Japanese compatable.


 Cem Teoman has published a Turkish language web page "Meraklisina, Boomerang" with lots of links and photos. An English translation is "magical stick, boomerang".

Musa Atlihan is the webmaster for a Turkish/English web site titled Bumerang Birligi Inc. Here, you will find a comprehensive boomerang web site with links to records, a gallery, general information about boomerangs and more.

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