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updated on 19 June 2010

 Ulf Valentin has developed software to do scientific modeling of a boomerang on the computer.
Georg Hennig has written a boomerang flight simulator called wxBumms that is based on the Felix Hess' 1975 dissertation 'Boomerangs, Aerodynamics and Motion'. You can go directly to the Download Web Page. This is an OpenGL environment code that will run on MS Windows and Linux operating systems. It's in German, but you can select English in Fenster-->Sprache wählen-->English. You can make almost infinite changes to the conditions, and the flight will change! Like a proper simulator, you can adjust wind speed/direction, how hard you throw, how much spin, as well as the layover and release height. After you find a flight path that looks similar to one that you throw, try changing the throwing conditions, and see it you can make the boomerang land at the man's feet. Many thanx to Tim Lendrum for letting us know about this software.
UFL Flight Simulator - From the University of Florida in Gainesville, Paul Fishwick posted this flight simulator for Unix computer users. Don't download this file unless you can compile the software for a Unix computer operating system. Contact Ted Bailey if you have compiled this flight simulator for other computer operating systems or know of any other flight simulators.
You can download a listing of the boomerang flight simulator in BASIC format from the following web link. The algorithm was originally written by Gerhard Bertling of Germany. John Mauro added some user friendly ideas. The final program was put together by Jim Martellotti. This is the flight routine that was integrated into the Echoes of Australia CD-Rom in 1995. If you do any computer programming, you might be able to convert this routine into another computer programming language. If you do, let me know. This download also includes John Mauro's BASIC program compiled for a Classic Macintosh Computer. Download Basic Flight Simulator here.
I will provide you with a link to a zipped archive containing all of the following files with your first boomerang order:

Beginning with your first order, I will include a free CD or DVD with each package that includes a returning boomerang. These CDs and DVDs are not for sale. There will be only one disk per order and each order will include a different disk. More than 50 disks are/will be available.
The first CD (first order) will include a wonderful mix of newsletters, books and other boomerang related literature in pdf format. There will also be databases with bibliographies, boomerang patents, etc. The CD will also include a selection of boomerang photos in jpg format and a sampling of boomerang movies in mpg and wmv formats. These files are only a sampling of what will follow in future CDs or DVDs.
The second CD (second order) will include a comprehensive sampling of photos. Most are in jpg format. on this disk you will find a large selection of photos of boomerang throwers, products and other interesting things, all orgainzed into nice folders by subject. You can run a slide show program (not included) and watch boom photos on your computer screen for more than an hour!
The third CD (third order) will include a large selection of boomerang related movies in mpg and wmv formats. Some are high resolution and some are low resolution, but all will be much better resolution than the crap that you find on YouTube. There are some terrific movies on this disc. Some are historical and hard to find treasures. All of these are very entertaining and are a sampling of more than 50 CDs and DVDs that will be available for free beginning with your fourth boomerang order.
After you have recieved the first 3 CDs, I will include a custom CD or DVD with historical videos. Just tell what what geographic regions and topics you like and I will try to match you with a custom made disk full of great video in high resolution.
If you have any videos that you would like to share with others, please let me know immediately.

Please visit the flight-toys boomerang books web page. On this web page, you can find links to free downloads of selected boomerang book titles in pdf format.

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