The Flight-Toys Boomerang Catalog is your best source for boomerangs, literature and artifacts. Just browse through the following links and email a list of the products that you want to Ted Bailey to reserve items that are in limited supply. Shipping of most boomerang products to an address in the USA is just $6. International customers pay the actual shipping charges. There is no handling fee. Please visit instructions for ordering boomerangs for more information on safety and how to make payment. Also see the rules for safe throwing before using your flying toy products. The item descriptions have information about thrower age, strength, skill level, left or right handedness, availability, etc.

Please visit the Collectable Boomerang Pricing Guide and Primitive Artifact Pricing Guide for historical pricing information on collectibles.

Sport Boomerangs for Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Throwers
Traditional Boomerangs

A nice selection of this classic shape for both novice and intermediate throwers. Good collectibles too!

Sport Boomerangs I

A nice selection of Sporting Boomerangs that are easy to throw and have a flight range between 20 metres and 40 metres. Ideal for teenage and young adult throwers.

Sport Boomerangs II

More advanced sporting models that require more strength and possibly some knowledge of tuning. Flight ranges are between 40 metres and 80 metres. Best for adult throwers.

Long Distance Boomerangs

These advanced long distance boomerangs are for experienced LD throwers only. Flight ranges start at 80 metres with some models approaching 200 metres.

Left Handed Boomerangs, Multibladers, Fine Hardwood and Art Boomerangs
Left Handed Boomerangs

A nice selection of boomerangs for left handed throwers only. Don't even look here if you are a right handed thrower.

Multibladers / TriBladers

Multibladers are easy to throw and catch. Most have flight ranges between 20 and 50 metres. Ideal for teenage and young adult throwers. Also includes foam indoor booms.

Fine Hardwood Boomerangs

Beautiful boomerangs made out of domestic & exotic hardwoods using strip lamination, lap joint and natural elbow construction techniques.

Fine Art Boomerangs

A wonderful selection of beautiful art boomerangs in abstract, animal and botanical shapes.

Competition Boomerangs for Advanced Throwers and Collectible Boomerangs
Maximum Time Aloft

Boomerangs for MTA ( Maximum Time Aloft) competition events and for feats like Super Catch.

Fast Catch / Endurance

Boomerangs for Fast Catch and Endurance competition events and for feats like Super Catch.

Doubling / Juggling

Boomerangs for the Doubling and Juggling competition events.

Collectable Boomerangs

Investment grade boomerangs for the serious collector: Herb Smith, Les & Arthur Janetzki & more.

Australian Aboriginal Returning and Hunting Boomerangs, Ethnographic + Lithic Artifacts
Aboriginal Return Shape Boomerangs

A selection of Australian Aboriginal returning shape boomerangs. Many of these have nice Aborginal art work.

Aboriginal Hunting Boomerangs

A selection of fine old Australian Aboriginal hunting boomerangs, also called throwsticks. Many of these are museum quality.

Primitive Artifacts

Aboriginal shields, woomeras, clubs & primitive artifacts from Polynesia, Africa, Asia, North & South America and more.

Lithic Artifacts

Lithic artifacts and reproductions including celts and Points from Panama and other cultures.

Books ( Boomerangs, Yearbooks & Anthropology ) and Collectibles from Panama and the Canal Zone
Book Store

Books about Boomerangs, Anthropology, Archaeology, Natural History, Yearbooks & More!

Panama & Canal Zone

Molas, License Plates, Stone Axes, Yearbooks and Artifacts from Panama and the Canal Zone

Boomerang Auctions

The Boomerang Auction is held in the Spring and Fall each year. Most auctions include 200 boomerangs, books, T-shirts and other things associated with the sport.

 Instructions for ordering, shipping and making payment

You may call me at home at (734) 971-2970 (before 10:00 PM Eastern time) to ask questions or to reserve any items that are in limited supply. I will reserve items for 10 days. I will extend the 10 day period for special circumstances.

If you would like to be added to the New Stock Email List please contact me and I will send you an email notice whenever new boomerangs or artifacts have been added to this web catalog.

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