Miscellaneous Boomerang Links 
updated on 19 January 2011

Web Sites with Supplies or Resources for Making Boomerangs


Anderson International Trading is one of the best sources for Quality Boomerang Plywood in the USA.

Roger (Allan) Phillips' A Wood Miser's Workshop is a great source of information about plywood and other woodworking problems. Check out the Woodmiser Boomerang Page.

The Woodworking Catalog - One of the best references for information about woodworking. Has Woodworking magazine on line and lots of links to machinery, wood products, etc.

Woodweb.com is another great source of information for adhesives, woodworking etc.


Windsor Plywoods is a terrific source for woods in Canada.

Links to Companies that Use Boomerangs One Way or Another in Their Logo or Name or Product

The Smithsonian Institution has a comprehensive listing of archives in the U.S. Repositories Listing. Go to this site and search for the keyword boomerang. You can even find the USBA Archives that were donated in 1986.

 Boomerang Information Services offers an email/fax service using the boomerang.com domain registration.

 BOOMERANG COURIER is Peter Pauwels' courier service in Belgium.

 The Wireless Corporation of Belgium incorporates a boomerang in their company's logo.

Boomerang Game - An incredible online game where you throw a boomerang at animal targets for points. You need the Multimedia Director Plug-in to play the game. You also need the secret password: SteveB

 Boomerang Box - American Presidents Line has this freight box that children can track as it carries cargo around the world. Follow the travel link to see the boomerang. Neat.

BoomGolf is a page with a golf putting called "Boomerang".

 Boomerang Musical Products - Boomerang® Phrase Sampler with Real-Time Control device that uses the name boomerang.

Visit the Boomerang Lodge in Aspen, Colorado.

Did you know that there was a B-29 Bomber called the "Boomerang".

 Zoomerang is the home page for a site that conducts internet surveys.

 The Official Outback Bowl Web Site often uses boomerangs as advertising art.

Secure Shuttle has a Boomerang Online software product for sales and marketing.

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