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3245 Edgewood Drive; Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734-971-2970 | click here for my email address: Ted Bailey
Citizenship: USA | Secret Clearance: 1977 - 1982 ; Confidential Clearance: 1982 - 1989


Industrial Seminars and College Classes

California State University - Sacramento: MSME, 1977 (GPA 3.8/4.0)
Majored in Heat Transfer / Thermal Sciences
California State University - Sacramento: BSCE, 1976 (GPA 3.0/4.0)
Majored in Waste Water Management; Minored in Mathematics
California State University - Humboldt: 1968-71
Majored in Oceanography


Program Management, Project Engineering, Technical Writing & Presentation, Contract Proposals, Mechanical Components, Advanced Rolling Element Bearings, EHD Lubrication, Weibull Life Analysis, New Product Design, Test Engineering, Mathematical Modeling, Contact Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Thermal Analysis, FEA, CAD, Engineering Supervision, Information Technology, Internet Marketing, Desktop Publishing & Graphical Design.


Professional Engineer, State of Michigan # 6201037953


BAILEY ENGINEERING; Ann Arbor, Michigan (6/02-Present) ; Independent Engineering Consultant specializing in rolling element bearings, mathematical modeling, technical writing, information technology and internet marketing. Associate Editor of Tribology Transactions; owner of a small company that markets high technology flying toys:
NTN Technical Center; Ann Arbor, Michigan (7/91-5/02) ;
Mechanical Research Group Supervisor (1991-1996) ; Senior Staff Engineer (1996- 2002) Responsible for the development, testing of advanced automotive rolling element (taper, cylindrical & ball) bearing products. Also responsible for the design and analysis of advanced automotive clutch components, supervision of Mechanical Component Test Group, mathematical modeling of wrap spring clutches, FEA of roller clutches, rolling element bearing analysis using A.B. Jones, SHABERTH, COBRA and other bearing analysis codes, Weibull life analysis of mechanical component testing, technical paper authorship & editing, Internet marketing of Engineering products, industrial market surveillance, representative to ASME for Bearing Life Factor Committee, Associate Editor for STLE Tribology Transactions, management of computer systems and software.
GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.; Cincinnati, Ohio (6/89-6/91) ; Design Engineer
Responsible for the design and development of all mainshaft rolling element bearings for the GE90 gas turbine engine. Duties included bearing design (A.B. Jones & SHABERTH), thermal and structural analysis, vendor integration, program planning, technical writing & technical presentations. Project Engineering responsibilities including the development of a 2.5 MDN Ball Bearing.
TELEDYNE CAE; Toledo, Ohio (6/82 - 4/89)
Senior Engineer (1982 - 1985) ; Principal Engineer (1985 - 1989)
Responsible for the design and analysis (Jones II, SHABERTH) of high speed rolling element bearings and lubrication systems for advanced limited life gas turbine engines. Additional experience with carbon seals and gearing, finite difference thermal modeling of combustors and bearing compartments using SINDA ; finite element structural analysis of turbine disks and bearing compartments using ANSYS. Responsible for vendor and customer interfacing through oral presentations and authorship of proposals for government contracts. Project Engineer for full ceramic roller bearing and solid lubricated ball and roller bearing development programs. Additional experience with rig and engine testing and failure analysis of components.
PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT; West Palm Beach, Florida (6/77 - 6/82)
Analytical Engineer (1977 - 1982) ; Senior Analytical Engineer (1982)
Responsible for the design and analysis of high speed rolling element bearings and lubrication systems for advanced man rated gas turbine engine applications. Thermal modeling of various static and rotating structures in commercial and military gas turbine engines. Engine programs included: FT4, F100, TF30, J52, etc. Winner of several cost reduction awards resulting in annual company savings of over $270,000.
Other Employment
Before becoming an Engineer, Ted held positions at California State University - Sacramento as a graduate research assistant. In addition to assisting instructors with class instruction and grading class papers, Ted conducted research with solar collectors, including the development of a concrete flat plate and glass collector with forced circulation and a high efficiency naturally circulating fin & tube type solar collector that powered a Serval refrigeration unit. When the solar collector and refrigeration unit was placed in the sun, the refrigeration unit had measured temperatures of 5 °F with outside temperatures of 90 °F. Ted's MSME thesis tied in with this project. The thesis, titled Cost Optimization of Fin & Tube Type Solar Collector was essentially a computer program that optimized the detailed design of a fin and tube solar collector by factoring in raw material costs to produce the least expensive solar collector for the BTU load required.
Prior to working as a graduate research assistant at CSUS, Ted paid his way through college by working as an ambulance driver and medical attendant. Ted also worked as a waiter, cashier and short order cook at the university cafeteria during the school year and as a Merchant Seaman during the summer, taking voyages between Panama and the West Coast of the USA as well as to Pacific ports in Hawaii, Okinawa, the Philippines and Vietnam. Before going to college, Ted worked as an Orchid grower, gardener and had a thriving business as a fisherman in Panama, supplying fresh fish to Panama Canal employees.


American Society of Mechanical Engineers
(Member: Life Ratings for Modern Rolling Element Bearings (LRMRB) Committee)
Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers
(Associate Editor of Tribology Transactions)


(hobbies & other things about me)

The hobby that I enjoy the most is the development of high technology boomerangs. I am well known for the development of the Maximum Time Aloft boomerang that currently holds all flight endurance records, including a throw and catch of more than 17 minutes. I have also developed long distance boomerangs, high speed boomerangs and many other flying toys. I have turned this hobby into a money making internet marketing business ( go to: ).

I have written and/or edited several publications about the science and sport of boomerang throwing. This includes the newsletters: "Many Happy Returns" (1988-2002 ); "Boomerang Journal" (1990-1992); and "Boomerang News" (1994 -1998). I have done technical presentations about boomerangs for the ASME and at many schools including the University of Michigan and Notre Dame University. I have also authored numerous articles about flying toys for Time/Life, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. I have been featured in Mechanical Engineering and NASA Spinoff magazines for my development of high technology boomerangs. NASA is currently exhibiting a display of my Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) boomerang at the NASA Stenis Space Center, located near New Orleans.

I also enjoy throwing flying rings to my canine friends, throwing darts with the atlatl, playing chess, working on Macintosh and Windows computer systems. I also enjoy making money in the stock market using special algorithms that really work in any market conditions. Other hobbies that I have enjoyed include: breeding tropical fish, sailing, surfing, fishing and skin diving.


(listed in reverse chronological order)

"Real Tme Bearing Load Sensing", 3 February 2004, U.S. Patent # 6,687,623; co-authored with: Miller, John & Eich, Pete.

"Development of an Electronically Controlled Two-Way Roller Clutch for Transfer Case Applications" ; SAE Technical Paper 2001-01-0866; 5 March 2001; co-authored with Goto, Shiro; Monahan, Russell; Okada, Koichi; Yasui, Makoto

"Bearing Race Load Distribution Optimization"; SAE Technical Paper 972713; 8 September 1997; co-authored with Robert Frayer, Jr.

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"Lubricated Bearing Assembly", 2 February 1993, U.S. Patent # 5,183,342; co-authored with: Daiber, Paul & Greenwood, Anthony

 "High DN (2.3 - 2.5 MDN) Core Engine Thrust Bearing"; 14 February 1991; General Electric Aircraft Engines Annual IR&D Report to the U.S. Govt. Department of Defense.

"High (2.5 M) DN Core Engine Thrust Bearing"; 12 February 1990; General Electric Aircraft Engines Annual IR&D Report to the U.S. Govt. Department of Defense.

 "High Temperature Miniature Turbine Engine Lubrication System Simulator"; Technical Volume proposal No. 88-030, Teledyne CAE to the U.S.A.F.; April 1988

"High Temperature Bearing Program"; Final Report No. 2355; Teledyne CAE to N.A.P.C.; Feb. 1988

"High Performance Turbine Engine Technology: High Temperature Roller Bearing"; Proposal No. 87-006 (DUNS No. 00-504-6677); Teledyne CAE to U.S.A.F.; April 1987

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"The Development of an All Ceramic Mainshaft Roller Bearing for Advanced Expendable Gas Turbine Engine"; AIAA-84-1218 (all copies removed from circulation due to revised export control laws); 11 June 1984; co-authored with G. Hamburg, P. Cowley, D. Popgoshev.

"HP-41 Statistics"; PPC Calculator Journal V11N4; May 1984

"Generalized Polynomial Best Fit"; PPC Calculator Journal V11N1; January 1984

"HP-41 Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations Part II"; PPC Calculator Journal V10N8; Sept. 1983

"HP-41 Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations"; PPC Calculator Journal V10N3; April 1983.

"Cost Optimization of Fin & Tube Type Solar Collector"; MSME Thesis; June 1977


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