Icons XENA Warrior Princess Chakram
This web page contains a description of various Xena Chakram related items that are being marketed in the year 2001.

This is the art and text description of eBay Item #527592724 that was sold on 20 December 2000 for $760. This is an authentic replica of the chakram prop used by XENA (actress Lucy Lawless) on the hit Universal Studios television series. This 1:1 scale precise masterpiece replica limited edition chackram was cast directly off of an original chackram provided by the producers of the television series.This beautiful piece is made of machine-turned, polished, aluminum. Features hand cut and set authentic Paua stones (a form of abalone shell imported from New Zealand, the filming location of Xena). Boast custom detailed line-work, powder coating and paint accents. This fine art collectors piece includes a medieval stylized sculpted rock base. Include a custom enameled numbered plaque ( # 207 ). All ICONS Replicas were made in the USA under the supervision of master special effects artisians.

In early January, several additional XENA Chakrams were placed on eBay. All had a similar description to the above item, but with the following graphic. About a half dozen were sold with the rock base, but without the plaque for $450 - $600. Finally, several of the Chackrum without the rock base or plaque were sold for prices between $250 and $300. I wanted to photograph one of these for my Chackrum web page so I won a Chakram on eBay Item # 1403476106.
It took me almost two months to recieve my Chackam from the seller. When it arrived, I took my own photographs and then put it back on eBay for Xena memorabilia collectors who will appreciate it more than I can. Check out XENA Chackrum Web Page #2 to see my description and photos.
There are many additional Xena Checkram items that are being marketed on eBay and in retail stores. This includes another rather nice metal chakram with a curved internal central beam. The description of this Chakram (eBay Item # 1451546640 which sold for more than $550) is as follows:

XENA: NEW CHAKRAM PROP IN SHADOW BOX: Forged by the actual propmasters for XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, direct from New Zealand, this PRECIOUS collectible (not actual prop used on the set) is available for the first and only time in a limited edition numbered presentation of only 500 worldwide! XENAs defensive tool of choice-her CHAKRAM is placed into a unique wood presentation display unit featuring XENA in a warrior pose. Each display includes a plate identifying the limited edition. This will certainly be the prized collectable of honor in any fan household. And YES, the NEW chakram is removable to behold its incredible detail and design. Retail value on this AMAZING item is $549.00! Please note: CHAKRAM is meant for display and not to be used by children for play. When buying items it is important to know about the company selling: Creation Entertainment was founded in 1971 and has presented over 1,000 conventions for fans of science fiction television and films, as well as being the official photo licensee for Hercules and Xena.

There are even plastic chakrum sets for children, including the toys displayed in the photos below:

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