Old Zulu Knobkerry Club with Incised Kill Marks

Item RF02  

This Item was Sold for $225

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This item is a premium knobkerry club, probably Zulu manufactured in the 19th Century. This club is longer than most of the knobkerries that I have seen in the past and has been used extensively. This is self evident by the peening of the peripheral surface of the spherical head. There is one natural age crack present on one side that is commonly found on older clubs with age. this is caused from shrinkage because of loss of moisture. There is a row of 16 hash marks on the shaft near the spherical head. In many cultures, this is a record of use that is usually called "kill marks". There is no damage other than the shrinkage split, peening around the periphery of the head and a small amount of residue remaining from a collection tag. The overall length of this knobkerry is 75 cm. The knobkerry weighs 392 grams.

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