Large Conch Shell Blow Horn

Item RF04

This Item was Sold for $120

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This item is a large Conch shell modified with holes added so that it will function as a blow horn. The Conch shell is old with a smooth surface. It is painted with Carib style art with red and black pigments as shown in the photo below. The Conch shell was originally purchased as a Polynesian artifact, but the Conch shell is native to the Caribbean Sea and the art is very similar to art found on artifacts made by the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean coast of Panama and Colombia, such as the Kuna or San Blas Indians. There are also three 1/4" holes drilled in the rim that may have been used for mounting or suspending from cordage. There is a large crack adjacent to the exit hole of the blowhorn and other cracks that radiate from other locations. None of these cracks appear to be of recent origin. There is also a section on the rim that has cracks and may have seperated and glued back on to the body. The shell is still in very good condition and would make a handsome display artifact. If you have better information about the culture of origin, please let me know.

The maximum span is 28 cm and the weight is 960 grams.

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