Australian Aboriginal Ceremonial Bull Roarer

Item GH13

This Item was Sold for $135

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This item is a small and narrow ceremonial bull roarer. It is decorated with deeply incised spiral and straight line grooves as depicted in the photo below (both sides are shown). The bull roarer is used primarily for cermonial purposes by the male members of the tribe. Many tourist grade bull roarers are available on the open market today, but this item is the true ceremonial artifact, most likely from Central Australia and made in the early 20th Century. This bull roarer is made out of mulga and has coloration reminiscent of an ochre finish. Length = 26 cm. Width = 3.5 cm. Weight = 18 gm. This item is in excellent condition, but it does have a hairline crack spanning the section between the hole and the adjacent tip. It still looks strong enough to support use with a cord.

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