Australian Aboriginal "Woomera" Spear Thrower

Item GH34

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This item is a Western Desert spear thrower with an age of approximately 75 years. The common name for this device in Australia is the Woomera and it is used to launch spears primarily at larger game such as kangaroos (The North American version of this device is called the atlatl). The barb appears to be a sharpened peg attached to the end with wraps of sinew. The handle is flaired outward like a canoe paddle handle. The board is decorated with incised tribal markings in a snake pattern. The markings are similar to those found on sacred churingas and bull roarers. This woomera is in excellent condition with the exception of a few edge chips in the handle. The woomera has a length of 77 cm and a weight of 508 gm.

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