Northern Queensland Woomera (Spear Thrower)

Item TB07  

This item was sold for $155

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This Woomera spear thrower was made by Aborigines in Northern Queensland in the early 20th Century. This example is both strong and attractive with a long and narrow convex body of a form more characteristic of the Central Desert region of Australia. The handle has a hardened Spinifex grass gum ball. The peg is very unusual. It is made out of a piece of shell and is held in place with more Spinifex gum. The end of the shell peg has been ground with use, but there is plenty of shell left to use this woomera as is without applying a new peg with Spinifex. I have never seen a peg attached this way. An excellent collectable that is both unusual and rare and without damage. Length = 77 cm ; Weight = 328 gm

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