Native American Single-Curved Sinew Back Bow

Item TB18 - $350 

This Item sold for $350

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This item was part of an collection of old Native American artifacts sold by the Butterfields Auction House in 2001. Butterfield's ethnographic expert identified this item as "a single-curved sinew-backed bow with twisted sinew drawstring" but the tribal region was not identified. The bow did come with artifacts from the American Southwest (Hopi) so I will guess it is from this region, but can't guarantee it. The bow is very old and the curve is fixed without bow string tension. A solid sheet of sinew material covers the entire inner edge of the bow from tip to tip. The wood is exposed on the outer edge surface. Surface splits are present in the wood where maximum curvature occurs. This is shown in the photos below. Otherwise, this piece is in excellent condition. Span = 100 cm. Weight = 300 gm

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