George Hedgepeth
Great Lakes Primitives
219 Holmes
Durand, MI 48429
phone: (989)-288-0168
Great Lakes Primitives is an organization based in Michigan that has a focus on various Primitive Technologies. Technologies include, but are not limited to, the following:

Stone Tools
Plant Skills
Hide Tanning
Atlatls, Bows
Throwing Sticks
Fire Making
Woods Craft
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The Great Lakes Primitive organization issues a quarterly newsletter and hosts two major events each year. Dues are $10 (USA/Canada) or $15 Overseas. Make payment out to Great Lakes Primitives and mail payment to: Great Lakes Primitives; 219 Holmes; Durand, MI 48429; USA
For more information about the Great Lakes Primitives organization and to receive a free sample newsletter, please mail your name, address, and primary areas of interest to the above address.
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These are some of the things that we do!

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