The Archaeology of Sussex by E. Cecil Curwen

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The Archaeology of Sussex

Publisher: Methuen & Co. Ltd. (1954) ; Author(s): Curwen, E. Cecil ; Hard Cover : xviii + 330 pages ; 32 plates; 89 text illustrations and maps ; English

This book covers the various cultures centered in Sussex, from the primitive hunting and food-gathering peoples through the arrival of the Bronze Age, Celtic agriculture, the Roman invasion, etc., stopping just short of the Saxon Conquest. . Chapters include: Primeval Hunters, Food Gatherers, Flint Work, The Coming of Bronze, Farmers and Bronze Founders, The Iron Age, Roman Sussex. This book is in good condition. The pages and binding are in good to VG condition. The first two pages have a crease in bottom corner. Pages 259 - 262 are loose but insert cleanly into space and no pages are missing. There is wear at the spine corners, but the cover is intact. Overall, this is a rare and valuable reference about Archaeology in England.

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