Instructions for Ordering Products From

By ordering products from, you agree to read and comply with all safety rules and to exercise common sense when you use products that are sold through this internet catalog.

If you see something that is in limited supply, please call or contact Ted Bailey to reserve what you want prior to making payment. I will reserve items for 10 days and occasionally longer under special circumstances.

Ordering from the USA
Shipping is $7 for most boomerangs delivered to an address with a U.S. Postal Zip Code.
(The flat $7 shipping charge is only for boomerang catalog items. The shipping cost is not per boomerang, but for the entire order. For books, artifacts and a few oversized boomerangs, I will let you know the shipping charges after I know the package contents.)
I usually ship by Priority Mail and I will email a tracking number to you at the time of shipping. I reserve the right to ship packages via an alternate carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) if your package is large or unusual. I usually ship books by media mail.
Postal insurance is free for values under $50. For more expensive packages, insurance is optional for $3 (<$200) more. Add $1 for each additional $100 over $200. You can insure your package for less than the actual value, but not for more. Insurance is optional and recommended for high value packages.

Payment can be by check or money order made payable to " Ted Bailey " or by credit card using PayPal. See detailed instructions for making payment below.

Ordering from Overseas
International orders are accepted with shipping to almost any international destination. I will determine the actual shipping charges (+ optional postal insurance or registration) when I know the package contents. PayPal is the best option for making payment on international orders. Please email your order request with destination address to Ted Bailey before making your payment. I will calculate your shipping charges and let you know the total amount due.
The least expensive shipping method is First Class Airmail. This shipping option cannot be insured and tracking is not available to all countries. First Class Airmail has size and weight restrictions. The length + width + thickness cannot exceed 36 inches (0.9 metres) and the maximum length is 24 inches (.67 metres). There is also a weight limit of 4 pounds (2 kg). I can register First Class Airmail packages for an additional $14. Registered mail can be very slow and difficult to track, so Priority Mail may be a better shipping option. Shipping costs are usually between $15 and $60. You can estimate your shipping costs by using the USPS Rates web page. You can use my postal zip code of 48104 and your country info. I can do this for you after I know what you wish to order. I only charge actual shipping costs to my international customers.
Priority Mail is the best way to ship most packages. I can ship larger packages (size and weight restrictons are country based) and all packages include free postal insurance (indemnity) of $65+. You can also purchase postal insurance to most countries for the full value for $5+. The insured amount must be equal to the amount declared on the customs form.
Tracking packages for First Class Airmail and Priority Mail can be done on the USPS Tracking Web Page . The USPS does not provide a list of country tracking limitations. You should be able to track your package through your own country's postal system using the same tracking number after the package arrives in your country. If you have not received your package 2 weeks after you receive your email from the USPS with a tracking number, please your package using the tracking number on your own country's postal website. You should also call your post office and tell them that you are expecting a package and then make arrangements to pick up your package from your customs office if it is not delivered to you.
Payment from overseas customers must be in USD and in a form that I can deposit into my bank account without being charged extra bank charges. The following methods of payment are acceptable: (1) credit card payments through PayPal (see detailed instructions below) ; (2) certified check drawn on a USA bank ; (3) international postal money order ; (4) Western Union ; (5) Money Gram ; (6) travelers checks ; (7) cash sent in a registered or heavy envelope.
I cannot accept a Wire Transfer or Bank Transfer as payment. Payment must be in USD. I do not give out my Social Security Number or bank information to any one.

Paying by Check or Money Order
Please mail your check or Money Order made payable to Ted Bailey to the following address:
Ted E. Bailey
3245 Edgewood Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-5105
(My bank will not accept checks or money orders made payable to "Flight-Toys", "Boomerangs by Ted Bailey" or "Bailey Boomerangs". Checks that are not made payable to Ted Bailey will be returned. Checks and MOs must have a routing number on the bottom)

How to Make a Payment using PayPal
If you do not have a PayPal account, you can Create a PayPal Account. I have been told by customers that you can make payment using PayPal without opening a PayPal account, but I have no instructions for how to do this. You might be able to obtain this information on the PayPal website. The following instructions are for customers who already have PayPal accounts.

Instructions for PayPal users: 

  • Log on to your account and click the tab at the top that says "Send Money".
  • In the field "Recipient's Email:", put in my email address:
  • In the field "Amount:", put in the total payment amount that you want to send
  • The field "Currency:" must be US Dollars
  • The field "Type:", should be Goods (other)
  • In the field "Subject:", put in whatever you want the email header to say

In the field "Note:", put in exactly what you want to order with information such as left or right handedness. If you want your package shipped to an alternative address, put that address here and/or send this info to me in a separate emailing.

Please note: All PayPal payments must have a confirmed shipping address, even if the package is shipped to an alternate address. If you want the package shipped to an alternate address, please put that address in the "note" field or send that address in a sepzrate email address. If you use PayPal and make payment with an eCheck option, then shipping will be delayed until after the eCheck clears.

I do not provide my Social Security Number to customers under any circumstances. If your business accounting software requires my Social Security Number to purchase items from me, then kindly place your order elsewhere. All quotations for products and shipping costs are valid for a period of 10 days. Reservations of unique products or products in limited supply are valid for 10 days. After 10 days, you will need to re-reserve products and/or obtain a new quotation for the cost of products + shipping.

The United States Post Office has a detailed USPS Rate Calculator that you can use to estimate shipping charges.
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