Coastal Engineering 1996 - ASCE Proceedings

Item CE02

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Coastal Engineering (1996)

Soft Cover , American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Billy L. Edge; 1997 ; 4855 pages (4 Volumes) ; English ; ISBN-10: 0784402426 ; ISBN-13: 9780784402429

This item is the bound 4 volume set of the 1996 Coastal Engineering Proceedings of the twenty-fifth international conference that was held in Orlando, Florida in 1996. These volumes are in used, but very good condition with the binding and pages in excellent condition. There are very small corner bumps or light corner creases on these volumes from gentle handling. These volumes would be of interest to any professionals working in the fields of Ocean Science, Civil Engineering or Coastal Development. Also these volumes have applications in Navigation, Ocean Power Generation and Physical Oceanography.

Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE 96). This four volume set presents the results of an international forum for presentation and discussion of ongoing research in the field of coastal engineering, applications to design projects and case histories of completed projects. Solutions to problem in inlet management, beach fill technology, shoreline and environmental protection and restoration, and water quality are discussed. Topics include characteristics of coastal waves and currents, long period waves, storm surges and wave groups, coastal structures, coastal processes and sediment transport, and coastal , estuarine, and environmental problems. These proceedings benefit the engineering community, geologists, meteorologists, oceanographers and professionals in the construction industry.

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