CRC Standard Mathematical Tables Student Edition - 13th Edition

Item EHB04

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CRC Standard Mathematical Tables - Student Edition - 13th Edition

Hard Cover ; edited by Robert C. Weast, Thirteenth Edition , 1964 ; 561 pages, illustrated with tables, formulae and more ; English ; 8" X 5 1/4" X 1+" thick

A wonderful handbook filled with formulas, data tables and everything essential to Engineers, Scientists and Mathematicians. There are many tables with log, trig functions and other data readily available on any scientific calculator, but there are also tables with statistical functions, elliptical integrals formulae, differential and integral calculus, Bessel functions, LaPlace Transforms, Fourier Transforms, Algebraic functions, curves and surfaces and more. Good to VG condition. Previous owner's name etched into front cover at bottom. High School library card and stamps front and back inside pages. Light wear on cover from use, but the binding is in excellent condition and the pages are very clean and readable. As an Engineer, I always had a copy of this handbook on my desk as a reference.

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