Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - 41st Edition (1959-1960)

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Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - 41st Edition (1959-1960) A ready-reference book of chemical and physical data

Hard Cover , Chemical Rubber Publishing Company,1960 ; edited by Charles Hodgman, Robert Weast & Samuel Selby illustrated with tables, formulae and more ; English ; 7.5" X 5" X 3" thick

A practical reference of data and methods in mathematics, physics and chemistry. This volume is reissued each year with updates. The is the 1959-1960 edition. This reference book was valuable to me as an engineer, especially when I needed material properties. The first 300+ pages have mathematical equations, tables and more. Properties and Physical constants fill the pages through page 1573. General Chemical tables fill the next 600 pages. Heat and Hygrometry is the next section (800 pages). Quantities and Units fill up the remainder of the book with approximately 3400 pages total. A few pages are intentionally missing because the page numbers are reserved for future editions, but all of the pages for this printed edition are present and in very good condition. Very good condition overall. The binding is excellent and the pages are clean. This is one of the best scientific handbooks I have used. An essential tool for all Engineers and Scientists

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