Boomerang Auction Seller Information
You are cordially invited to participate in the Spring 2018 (#42) Boomerang Auction as a seller. There is a limit of 6 boomerangs that a seller can submit for each auction. However, all auction items must be pre-approved. To reserve space, please send an email to: Ted Bailey with a list of your auction items and with a complete description that includes: size, manufacturer, flight characteristics, handedness and condition (wear, cracks, etc.). Boomerangs must be small enough to fit within a Priority Mail Box unless it is an Aboriginal throwstick or has exceptional collectible value (Herb Smith, Al Gerhards, Janetzki Brothers, etc.). Any boomerangs that arrive without a reservation may be returned to the seller at the seller's expense. Please send your items as soon as they are available. I need to have all boomerangs in my possession prior to 1 February 2018.
The seller is responsible for shipping all auction items to Ted Bailey. The buyer is responsible for shipping items purchased after the sale.
A fee of 20% is charged to the seller on all auction items. The seller may not set a reserve price on his/her own auction items in this auction. However, a seller can bid on his/her own auction items, but if the seller wins their boomerang(s), they are responsible for paying the full auction fee (20%) as well as the price to ship the boomerang(s) back to the seller.
All auction items should be shipped to Ted Bailey at the following address:
Ted Bailey ; 3245 Edgewood Drive ; Ann Arbor, MI 48104 ; USA
You may contact: Ted Bailey with any questions. Please call: (734)-971-2970 only during reasonable hours (Eastern Time Zone)

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