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Boomerang News #41 - 9-97

News From The: USA

The top story for this month's issue is the rebirth of "Many Happy Returns", the quarterly publication of the USBA. Congratulations to the new editor, Tony Brazelton, who has totally reformatted and revitalized MHR, pictured right. However, the production of MHR is only part of the story. After reading issue #69, I was delighted to discover the following highlights:

1: The USBA will pay contributors for feature articles. (This is still being voted on by the USBA Board of Directors.)

2: Every member's subscription has been extended by 2 full issues as a partial apology to those who waited so long for issue #69.

3: Several committees have been formed to provide new membership services. These include: lesson plans for grades K-12; a video series with instructions on how to make boomerangs, basic throwing techniques; and an advanced tutorial for athletes. Another committee is looking at offering a starter kit for new throwers. This may include articles, boomerangs, coupons, etc. Many other informational and instructional materials are being prepared. Sounds like the entire USBA staff is back on track as well.

Among the feature articles in this issue is a comprehensive guide to the USBA web site, which is also managed by Tony Brazelton. There is a feature article about how to make low cost LED Night-rangs by Jim Nieberding of Maryland. There are lots of tuning tips and scientific explanations, profiles of well known throwers, comprehensive tournament score listings for the entire season, action photos, a calendar of events and more. So for those of you who have let your membership lapse, and for those of you who have never been a member, it is once again time to join. A one year membership (4 issues of MHR + more) costs only $15 in the USA and Canada and $20 overseas. USA/Canadian throwers can purchase a lifetime membership for $225. Overseas throwers can purchase a lifetime membership for $350. This is a bargain, if you think about it. To join USBA send your name and address, with a check made payable to USBA, to the following address:


P. O. Box 182

Delaware, OH 43015

Congratulations goes to Pat Steigman of Tyler, Texas for winning the Cryderman Raptor boomerang that was depicted on the cover of Boomerang News #40. The winning raffle ticket was drawn by Chet Snouffer at the USBA Nationals in Delaware, Ohio on 2 August.

The USBA Nationals were held on 2/3 August in Delaware, Ohio. There were 62 throwers: 36 in the Sport division and 26 in the Open division. The weather was sunny and in the mid 80's. Fast Catch was won by Stéphane Marguerite with 22.09 seconds. Rob Parkins won Trick Catch with 61 points and Endurance with 57 catches. Michael Girvin won doubling with 29 points. Accuracy was won by Craig Frasier with 42 points. Steve Kavanaugh won Aussie Round with 86 points. MTA100 was won by Gary Broadbent at 47.68 seconds using one of his new composite MTAs. The top 15 overall in the Sport division included:

1. Steve Kavanaugh

2. Rob Parkins

3. Chet Snouffer

4. Michael Girvin

5. Mark Weary

6. Adam Ruhf

7. Chicago Bob

8. John Flynn

9. Gregg Snouffer

10. Gary Broadbent

11. John Koehler

12. Mike Dickson

13. Tony Brazelton

14. Betsy Miale Gix

15. Jim Jordan

The top 10 in the Open division included:

1. Don Sagert

2. Craig Frasier

3. Jason Smucker

4. Louis Cassorla

5. Duane Sagert

6. Tim Maultsby

7. Jim Nieberding

8. Aaron Poole

9. Len Burns

10. Ross Snyder

The National Kylie Championships were held at the conclusion of the boomerang throwing. Stéphane Marguerite won Waki-Klak (all Kylies are thrown simultaneously at a tiny target 33 meters distant). Second and third went to Logan Broadbent and Mike Forester. Mike Forester won the 40 metre target event. Tim Maultsby, Norm Kern and Tom Luczycki took 2-4 places respectively. Distance throwing was won by Len Burns, Tom Luczycki and Dwight Souder. Overall Kylie placings went to Mike Forester, Len Burns, Tim Maultsby and Logan Broadbent. Winners in the Jr. Division were: Logan Broadbent, Cody Snouffer and Bart Flynn, all well known names in the world of boomeranging.

The USBA Nationals was the third and final required tournament for the 1998 World Cup team selection. The top 6 throwers were placed in the first team and the second 6 throwers were placed in the second team.

Team 1

Chet Snouffer

Michael Girvin

Rob Parkins

Mark Weary

Gary Broadbent

Mike Dickson

Team 2

John Flynn

Adam Ruhf

Chicago Bob

Betsy Miale Gix

John Gorski

John Koehler

There is the possibility of a third team, but details are pending decisions by the USBA Board. More details on team selection and comprehensive coverage of the USBA Nationals can be found in the next issue of MHR.

Paul Gustafson related the following tidbit about a feat that happened at the USBA Nationals. "During MTA warm-up early Sunday afternoon, three throwers (Betsylew Miale-Gix, Michael Gel Girvin and a third unnamed thrower launched their MTAs at the same time. Two Jonas MTAs and one Broadbent Bonas went way up, stabilized, and caught a thermal. The three booms drifted up and off the field in a near perfect triangular formation. $300 worth of boomerangs were simultaneously sacrificed to the Jet Stream God, never to be seen again. At least they've got each other for company." Gary went on to win the MTA event using one of his "Bonas" booms.

Dave Patrick has found a really good source for Bull Roarers and Didjeridoos in the USA. For more information, call (800)-383-8254 or write to:

Silver Bush Productions

P.O. Box 541

Forest Knolls, CA 94933

The Boomerang Man is carrying a new line of Darnell tri-blader products. The Fun Rang Nite-Glo is an indoor foam boom that glows in the dark. You can buy one for $7 or two for $12. You can also buy one Nite-Glo and one standard Fun-Fly for only $8 for the pair. This offer is only good until 15 September.

Another new Darnell product is the Hackey Sack Competition Tri-Fly. There is only a limited supply of this special plastic boomerang that can be tuned for either LH or RH. Pricing is $10 each + shipping. The price of the Nite-Glo Tri-Fly has been reduced to $7 (2/$12). You can also order a special package that includes the Tri-Fly Nite-Glo, poly tri-Fly and the poly Wiz II for $15 + shipping ( $3 in USA). Email the B'Man at: or call: 318-325-8157 or write:

Boomerang Man

1806 North Third Street

Monroe, LA 71201-4222

Kelly Boyer-Sagert was the guest on a half hour PBS television show called "Not For Writers Only". The video will appear in October in Columbus, Ohio, and in Ashland and Yellow Springs, Ohio this coming spring. Ohio Magazine will profile Kelly in connection with her boomerang book, "`Bout Boomerangs, America's Silent Sport" in an October coordination with the Columbus, Ohio television show.

Michael "Gel" Girvin has recently issued an updated catalog loaded with competition and sporting boomerang products. Pricing on the 18 boomerangs range from $12.50 to $30. You can get a really great Fast Catch or MTA boomerang for under $25 each. Special combo sets, T-shirts, bags and books are available as well. Call (800)-GEL-8220 or (510)-658-2469 or write to the following address:

Gel Boomerangs

212 Kittredge Street #61

Berkeley, CA 94704

Remember Pia Hagan's T-shirts, depicted in earlier issues of Boomerang News? Well, Pia has a thriving T-shirt art mail order business called Urban Primitive. You can see her art shirts on the world wide web at: You can also call (415)-359-1626 or write to:

Urban Primitive

c/o Offshore Screen Printing

1830 B. Palmetto Ave.

Pacifica, CA 94044

Don Reese is looking for video footage showing a boomerang in flight. Don has been unable to obtain one from the USBA video archives and hopes that someone has a tape that they can send to him at a reasonable cost. If you can help, please call Don at (505)-887-1248 or write to:

Don Reese

1209 S. Country Club

Carlsbad, NM 88220

OZWest is the US marketing force behind the 4 bladed foam Roomarang that can be purchased in many toy and science stores. The Roomarang now has a glow in the dark cousin called "Glow Rang". Another new OZWest product is the Samara. This is the name assigned to most flying seeds, like the ones you find on Maple and Mahogany trees. The original Bailey MTA was designed using center of mass proportioning of the Maple Samara. This new product (Patent #5173069) comes in a package of two brightly colored Samaras with a nifty 12 page booklet that is also shaped like a Samara. This flight toy has nearly identical mass properties to a real Samara, but it is scaled up to a length of 6 inches and a weight of 12 grams. The package of 2 Samaras + booklet sells for about $4. This artificial Samara really works, but not as well as Mother Nature's natural product. MTA students will still want to get one to play with. OZWest can be contacted by phone at: (503)-324-8018 or by writing to:


OzWest, Inc.

P. O. Box 747

Banks, OR 97016


Brad Westervelt suggests the following advancements in competition regulation: "The rules committee may one day decide to adopt a non-human bias timing system. The 2 meter circle will have a parallel to the ground scanning beam, sweeping at an elevation of 5 centimeters. To start the stopwatch timer, a contestant will step or leap into the circle and begin throwing. The final catch must be logged by the contestant by leaping off the ground above the 5 cm sweep and landing within the circle, to complete the event. The added benefit of an automated timing system is that it will give us very precise measurements for pushing the barriers of official timing into the 1/1000 second or better range. A diagram for the construction of such a timing mechanism is available upon request. Copyright royalties may be due to the creator upon construction or marketing of said device." Write to:


Brad Westervelt

544 Debbie Ct.

Boulder Creek, CA 95006


It was bound to happen eventually - John Rossley's young son received a severe eye injury using a rip-off plastic boomerang that doesn't do what it's supposed to do. John writes "I have no beef with boomerangs, or the sport thereof. My problem is that a toy manufacturer can market a one dollar toy made out of plastic, having sharp edges without printing any warnings whatsover on the rang itself or the packaging. The only warning was found in the catalogue, stating that the item was not suitable for children under the age of 5. My son has severe, permanent eye damage. I am interested in seeing that these cheap knock-offs are no longer sold without proper labeling." Any info that readers can send regarding boomerang safety or about other people who have been injured should be forwarded to John Rossley by email to:

Editor's note: No child under the age of 10 should be encouraged to catch a boomerang under any circumstances.


Nicolai Hristov has designed and manufactured a new plastic tri-blader boomerang, called the Zircon, made out of BASF plastic with NASA-4A-67 airfoils. The boomerang has a weight of 55 grams and comes in yellow, red, orange or blue. Nicolai claims a flight range of 30-50 metres.

The editor recently sampled a bright yellow model. This was a really fun boomerang to throw. With an easy throw, it makes a low perfect circle of 10 - 12 metres and then dies at your feet. When you give this tri-blader a hard controlled Fast Catch style of throw, it flies like the Energizer Bunny. The Zircon seems to store energy with a high rate of rotation. It goes around once, then it goes around for a second circle with a nice hover at the end.

This is not really the kind of boomerang that you would use in the Fast Catch or Consecutive Catch event. It has a range of 10-15 metres. Nor is the Zircon tri-blader an ideal product for a young child. However, you will be delighted to use it as a Sporting boomerang and for experimentation. The editor was tempted to cut off one of the arms to see how it works as a 2-blader, but this was not done so it could be archived for future study.

Nicolai is seeking retailers to import his boomerang product. Wholesale pricing starts at $2.95 in lots of 1,000. The pricing goes down to $2.29 if you buy 9,200 or more. Pricing is slightly higher, shipped airmail. Each is packaged with English instructions. For more information on this boomerang product, call Nikolai at +359 (56) 26 320; fax to: +359 (56) 44 203 or write to:


Nicolai Hristov

Zirkon, Ltd.

52 Gladston St.

Bourgas 8000




William Fagan was visiting friends near Herb Smith's home in Sussex England when he found a hardwood boomerang in a local shop that appears to be steam bent out of a single 1 1/2" thick hardwood strip. The boomerang, pictured above, is 18" tip-to-tip with a thickness of 5/16". There is a small blue logo on the elbow with a coat of arms and the words "E. Haynes" and "London". The boomerang is definitely very old and was thrown a considerable amount. Can any of the readers identify the maker and age more precisely? Interestingly, two other boomerangers also mentioned purchasing similarly constructed boomerangs in August.



Heikki Niskanen has announced that the story of the "Arctic Midnight Sun Boomerang Challenge '97" will be on the Transworld Sports television show on 23/24 August, 1997.The 6 minute video will be shown in 120 countries, including China.



The editor was honored this month with a badge and Certificate of Honorary Membership in La Perouse Boomerang-Club De France. The honor came with letters of congratulations from club president Denis Lemaître and founder Jacques Thomas. Thank you, Denis and Jacques. I am honored to have the privilege of this honorary membership.

Many thanx to Lidwine Dousson of the Kookaburra Boomerang Association for sending BN a photograph depicting the 59 throwers who competed in the 1997 European Championships in early July. The photograph is depicted on the cover of this issue. The club also sent a large number of newspaper articles depicting all the fun that the throwers had. The results of the European Championships were summarized in Boomerang News #40.

Many thanks to Jean-Marie Gachon for sending BN the poster (depicted left) for the Saint Brieuc competition that was held in France on 15/16 August. No word yet on the results for this French competition.

Last month, Jean-Marie Gachon sent me an Aussie Round boom called Adhémar de Monteil, pictured below, for review in BN. This Lucky 7 shape was nicely airbrushed in bright rainbow colors. The boomerang fit snugly into a specially made cloth container with velcro flaps. My first thoughts were: "Nice looking boom!" Looks are only part of the story. It has been a long time since I have thrown a boom like this. In nearly dead calm, I get long, low, and perfectly circular flights of 70+ metres with a complete return! Of course, this boomerang takes a very hard, straight out, low throw. Therefore, it is not a good boom for a novice thrower. However, if you are an advanced thrower who can throw advanced Herb Smith and Volker Behrens long distance models, you will love this boomerang. You should beg, borrow, steal or trade to get one for your very own. Jean-Marie didn't send information about pricing. However, you can email inquiries to: or write to the following address:


Jean-Marie Gachon

7 Rue de la Ménagerie

67100 Strasbourg




Congratulations go to Fridolin Frost for taking first place overall in the Kiel Boomerang Cup that was held on 28/29 June. Frido was followed by Oliver Rau, Axel Heckner and Thomas Stehrenberger. Scores were good, but no records were set. Long Distance was also contested at this event. The Long Distance champion was Axel Heckner with an impressive throw of 138.87 metres. Oliver Rau and Volker Behrens had throws of 120.20 and 113.00 metres respectively.



Max Hoeben will be visiting the USA from 2-10 September. Max was the major driving force behind the European Competition movement. If you live near Ann Arbor, Michigan or Canton, Ohio, contact Ted Bailey at (313)-971-2970 or Gary Broadbent at (330)-492-7264 to see when and where Max will be visiting. Max doesn't visit the USA very often, so this may be the last chance for American throwers to meet him for quite a long time.



Fourteen throwers competed in the 8th Italian Boomerang Tournament in Verona on 31 May/1 June. Gabriele Mazzi, Manuel Schutz and Markus Peissard took the top three overall places. The top Accuracy score (30) went to Maurizio Saba. Manuel Schutz took first places in Fast Catch (32.9), Endurance (38) and Aussie Round (60). Silvano Mella won MTA with 30.88 seconds.



Yoshinobu Sakimitsu sent in a copy of the April 1997 issue of the Japanese magazine "Rec" (see above). This publication is produced by a Japanese sporting club that likes to try different sporting events. In this issue, one of the events was boomeranging. The 4 page article had more than 20 color action photographs. Yoshi was the primary promoter behind the club's experiment with boomeranging.



So far, 10 teams have signed up to participate in the 1998 World Cup. Full teams include: England, Italy, Japan, Australia I, Australia II, France I, France II, France III, USA I, USA II. In addition, individual throwers will participate from Holland. The Australia II Team will be composed of both young and more experienced throwers. Teams from other countries should inform Tom Fitzgerald as soon as possible. You can call Tom at: (314) 839-1604 or write to:


Tom Fitzgerald

1159 Holly River Dr.

Florissant, MO 63031



Will Herlan has posted pictures and a story of his visit to the second Arctic Midnight Challenge at:

If you want to see great T-shirt art (pictured above), visit Richard Pollock-Nelson's web page:

Lowell Hollars has found yet another URL showing the Boomerang UFO over Arizona at:



The deadline for submitting boomerangs for the Fall 1997 auction is 1 September. With the UPS strike, delivery by all mail carriers in the USA, including the U.S. Postal Service is significantly delayed. I am putting out the September issue early as a reminder to put your auction booms in the mail today. There are several great collectables, historical pieces and competition boomerangs in this year's auction. If you are not on the internet and have bid in any of the three previous auctions, you will automatically receive a bid sheet in the mail. For those with internet access, I will post a list of available booms and an internet bid sheet on the World Wide Web. A partial list is already on the world wide web. To view what is already out there, set your web browser to:



This publication is produced monthly. Every issue is packed with 8 pages containing all the information you need to know to keep current with the ever changing world of boomeranging. The distribution of BN currently stands at 164 USA and 68 overseas subscribers. Eight issues of "Boomerang News" costs only $10 in the USA; $12 in Canada and $20 overseas. You can subscribe by sending payment (make check or M.O. out to Ted Bailey) with your name, address & phone number to:


Ted E. Bailey

P. O. Box 6076

Ann Arbor, MI 48106




Boomerang News Calendar of Events

North America

23 Aug. 1997 1st Rocky Mtn. Throw Rich Pollock-Nelson 303-368-5933 2530 So. Ouray Way;Aurora, CO 80013

24 August '97 Canton Ohio Open Mike Dickson 330-499-9848 5250 Pinedrive Circle NW; Canton. OH 44718-1412

30/31 Aug. '97 Mike Gel's 100th Comp! Michael Girvin 510-658-2469 2124 Kittredge St. #61; Berkeley, CA 94704

30 Aug. 1997 Montréal Open Comp Stéphane Marguerite 514-597-1333 4031 St-André; Montréal (QC) H2L 3W2; Canada

31 Aug. 1997 Ottawa Open Competition Eric Promislow 613-563-0066 10 Morris St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 4A7; Canada

13 Sept. 1997 First Kittyhawk Comp Stessie Cattrell 800-334-4777 Kitty Hawk Kites; Box 1839; Nags Head, NC 27959

14 Sept 1997 Ninth Novice Team Comp Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

21 Sept. 1997 Summer's Final Fling Doug DuFresne 503-292-4316 4235 S.W. Crestwood Dr.; Portland, OR 97225

25 Oct. 1997 First Tucson Tournament Don Monroe 613-563-0066 1205 E 11th St.; Casa Grande, AZ 85222

28 Nov. 1997 Tenth Turkey Toss Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

26 Jul-2 Aug '98 World Cup Championships Tom Fitzgerald 314-839-1604 1159 Holly River Dr.; Florissant, MO 63031



23/24 Aug. '97 Finnish Open Jorma Niskanen +358 (9) 863 1180 Hovitie 12 B; 02940 Espoo; Finland

23/24 Aug. '97 First Swiss Distance Comp Tibor Horvath +41 (1) 858 13 23 Rebhalderstrasse 12; 8173 Neerach; Switzerland

23/24 Aug. '97 Trefriw BBS Competition Jay Butters 01492 641009 Garmon View; School Hill; Trefriw; N. Wales LL27 0NJ; UK

30/31 Aug 1997 18th German Champion. Heiko Schult 0521/140319 Kapellenweg 10; 33617 Bielefeld; Germany

31 Aug. 1997 Blacktown Championships Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

6/7 Sept. 1997 Over 40 Competition Peter Umhauer +49 (6252) 74569 Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Straße 17 ;Heppenheim; Germany

7 Sept. 1997 Dutch Only Competition Eric Leferink +31 (70) 329 7857 Remmersteinstraat 157; 2532 AZ Den Haag; Netherlands

13/14 Sept. '97 Berlin Championships Gerhard Bertling 49-30-2153008 Potsdamer Str. 150; 10783 Berlin; Germany

20/21 Sept. '97 11th Swiss Nationals Ruedi Salzmann +41 (34) 411 17 08 Bernstrasse 28; 3324 Hindelbank; Switzerland

28 Sept. 1997 Old Warden Fall Throw Edward Cadman 44 (0)1449 496715 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

4/5 October '97 Ninth Fall Fun Meeting Winfried Kelber +49 (7457) 4144 71149 Bondorf; Germany

5 Oct 97 A.B.O. Fun Comp Eric Leferink +31 (70) 329 7857 Remmersteinstraat 157; 2532 AZ Den Haag; Netherlands

XX Oct 1997 Japan Autumnal Cup Yoshi Sakimitsu 0081-3-3261-9304 15-5 Kudan-Kita; 1-Chome; Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102; Japan

9 Nov. 1997 Blue Mountain Champs. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

2/3 May 1998 Aussie National Comps. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

24/25 Jul. '99 Boomerang Cup Eckhard Mawick 0451/70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; 23552 Lübeck; Germany

2000 World Cup Championships Rob Croll (03) 9887-5085 5 Tyson Ct.; Wantirna South; Victoria 3152; Australia

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