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updated: 4 April 2008

This web page is a listing of information resources about the history, science, competition and construction of boomerangs. Some of the links are pdf files. To save a pdf file, click on the link with your browser and choose "save target as" in the menu options.

Recent Science News

In March 2008, Gerhard Walter of Austria constructed the World's Largest Boomerang. Read about the history of The World's Largest Boomerangs.

In March 2008, a Japanese Astronaut threw a boomerang aboard the International Space Station. Read About the history of Boomerangs in Space.

 Boomerang News - Newsletter Archives

Boomerang New #41 (September 1997): USBA Nationals, New Products by Darnell, Oz West, Michael Girvin, Nicolai Hristov; Arctic Midnight Sun Boomerang Challenge '97 ; 1997 European Championships ; Kiel Boomerang Cup ; new timing mechanism by Brad Westervelt ; child eye injury ; Jean-Marie Gachon's Adhémar de Monteil, Max Hoeben & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #42 (October 1997): MTA World Records by David Hesse & Eric Darnell, Safesport Liquidation, Products by Colorado Boomerangs, Brian Thompson's boomerang workshop, USA Teams in the 1998 World Cup, Michael Girvin Retires, Michael Gel Girvin's 100th tournament, First Annual Outer Banks Boomerang Tournament, Arctic Midnight Sun Boomerang Challenge, Hagü Nikolayczyk's German BuPlaSa, Dutch National Championships & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #43 (November 1997): Mike Gel's 100th Tournament by Kelly Croman, Summer's Final Fling, "Kick Glider Toy" patent, The Drachen Foundation, Second Blacktown Boomerang Championships, Barrie Forsyth on Aborigine Joe Skeen, John Cross named "Sportsman of the Week" in Canada, Boomerang Beaver Boomerang Club, 8th British International Boomerang Tournament, Nantes Competition, Rennes Tournament, Armorigenes Tournament, Didier Bonin's "Ultimate Shapes" & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #44 (December 1997): Team Selection for 1998 World Cup, Rocky Mountain Boomerang Night Throw, `Bout Boomerangs, America's Silent Sport, Bulgarian Boomerang Championships, Troyes Long Distance Cup, German team selection, Lorenz Gubler sets Swiss Long Distance record, Lorenz Gubler and Tibor Horvath LD Publication, 1998 World Cup teams, Fall 1997 Boomerang Auction Results. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #45 (January 1998): 1997 Turkey Toss in Michigan, products by Colorado Boomerangs, Kendall Davis, Steven Graham, Adam Ruhf in People for Teens magazine, Northern Territory Supreme Court protects Aborigine from boomerang clubbing punishment, 2nd Annual Blacktown Competition, Dijon tournament, "BUmerang PLAn SAmmlung", introducing Aivars Brengulis, 1998 World Cup & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #46 (February 1998): Death of Carl Naylor & Willie Davis, Bill Tumath sells Herb Smith boomerangs, Pat Steigman's boomerang exhibit ; Joseph C. Tylor's "Indoor Boomerang" design patent , Australian Catalog Company , 14th Annual Gel Christmas/New Years Tournament , introducing Pat Cardiff, Jean-François Clervoy throwing boomerangs on the Space Station Mir , Swiss Long Distance Competition & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #47 (March 1998): Death of Brenda Miller , Patrick Cardiff boom art, Kluge-Ruhe Collection, John Flynn's "Active Vermont", Australian Catalogue Company, new Steve Conaway booms, Australian competition results, The Daily Telegraph, Martin Laslett's computer program, LMI & Fox products. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #48 (April 1998): Boomerang art by Siegfried Stiller, Left Turn Boomerangs, The Sciences Magazine, new Turning Point models by Eric Darnell, Brian Kemp research, John Cryderman, Martin Laslett's computer program, Youp La Boom, Siegfried Stiller, "Tumble Stick", discovered in the jungles of Ecuador, Tentlingen Long Distance comp & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #49 (May 1998): Aboriginal Steve's Booms, Whittlin', Whistles, and Thingamajigs, Earth & Sky, Peter Toenjes Yardstick Boomerang Co, TEK Boomerang, T. W. Smith, David Schummy by Bob Burwell, Bob Burwell report, Boomerang Puzzle Book, John Cryderman, Volker Behrens boomerang products, 1998 ABO-Holland tournament & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

Boomerang News #50 (June 1998): USBA Open, John Weigel, Chris Cotter, Steve Conaway, Norm Kern, Tony Brazelton, Long Distance Competition in Southern California, Ralph Bonheim, Brad Westervelt, South Georgia Boomerang Club, David Schummy's new high tech long distance boomerangs, Herm Peeters, world's largest boomerang, North German Long Distance Competition, Whitsun Tournament, Torneo Nazionale Roma, Manuel Schütz LD World Record, World Cup News & more. View this issue in: text ; pdf

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