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Please Note: This archival text is unmodified. Many of the addresses, phone numbers, etc. are no longer valid, including the contact information for the editor of this issue of Boomerang News. Updated contact information can be found at: Ted Bailey's Contact Information

Boomerang News #42 -10-97

News From The: USA

MTA is one of this sport's most exciting events. It has been 8 years since Fridolin Frost of Germany set a World Record in the MTA100 event with a time of 1 minute, 24.85 seconds. On 20 September, that record was shattered by David Hesse of Switzerland who broke the record at 1 minute and 37.78 seconds at the Swiss Championships using a Jonas Romblad Composite MTA. Then on the following day, at Doug DuFresne's tournament in Portland, Oregon, the record was shattered again. This time it was 53 year old Eric Darnell, who threw a MTA for the marvelous time of 1 minute and 44.87 seconds! There were two additional noteworthy performances in MTA on that same day. Tim Schallenberger had a throw and catch of 1 minute and 1 second. Not to be outdone, Betsylew Miale-Gix threw her MTA for 1 minute and 18 seconds, including a catch. Unfortunately for both of these throwers, their MTAs drifted outside of the 100 metre circle.

An excited Eric Darnell called me the day after Doug's tournament to tell me the news. Eric not only won MTA, but he won the tournament as well. Eric mentioned that he set the record using a Bailey Midi-MTA that was nearly 10 years old. Eric has won the MTA event 4 times this year. In one tournament, he used an old Tony Slater (UK) Paxolin MTA. In the other three tournaments he won using two other Bailey Midi-MTAs. Plywood has not yet lost it's magic.

Our condolences go out to Gary Broadbent and family for the loss of Gary's Dad to Cancer on 11 September 1997.

Paul Gustafson found a Mickey Mouse shirt for sale at the Disney store recently with an embroidered Mickey throwing a boomerang above the heads of Donald Duck and Goofy. Gary Broadbent sent one of these shirts to BN (pictured above) to share with the readers. The Disney shirt is priced at about $20.

A USA design patent has been issued for a boomerang shaped sleeping pillow. Visit your college library and ask to see Design Patent # D0382163.

Carl Morris has a recommendation for boomerang throwing eye protection. Ektelon makes a variety of styles of eyewear designed for racquetball and squash. They're polycarbonate and made with active sports in mind. The "Scopa" style has a single piece lens that curves around to cover the sides, a comfortable nose piece, and a brow ridge to dissipate shock against your forehead in case you get hit. The sidearms are adjustable for length and they come with a headstrap and pouch for storage without scratches.

With the headstrap they stay put comfortably, even during vigorous throwing and catching. The lens doesn't have a frame that blocks the field of view or causes eye strain for those unaccustomed to wearing glasses. The lens is also anti-scratch/anti-fog treated and allows good air flow. All this for about $18.00 at your local Sports Authority-like store.

Safesport Outdoor Gear, a major supplier of Eric Darnell's popular Air Dancer, Tri-Fly, Pro-Fly and Fun-Fly boomerangs has officially closed it's doors as of 1 October. Wayne Tegeler called in mid-September and asked if I would let BN readers know as soon as possible that he has thousands of boomerangs for sale at a deep discount. Because there wasn't time to postal mail this announcement, an email posting was made to BN readers. Within a few days, I received several messages from elated BN readers who now have sufficient stock for catalog sales and Toss Across America events to last a lifetime. This is one of the best reasons to send me your email address. You never know when another special like this will become available on short notice.

Tom Risher has been researching boomerangs at his local library. He picked up several turn-of-the-century articles, one of which is not in any reference I have ever seen. This excellent article is titled "Boomerangs". It was written by Day Allen Wiley and published in the October 1909 issue of "St. Nicholas Magazine". The article does quote the boomerang as having a circumferential range of 1200 feet which is more than a 100 metre outward range. References to long distance flights like these keep appearing in turn-of-the-century literature, so maybe there is something to claims of early proficiency in the sport that was forgotten and had to be relearned. This 1909 publication mentions a boomerang club in New York as well as boomerang experts: Mr. V. M. Hillyer of Baltimore and Professor Robert W. Wood of John Hopkins University. Professor Wood made boomerangs that weighed between 8 ounces and two pounds. The sport has really changed in the past 90 years! This article also says that, in 1909, the sport was very popular in both Australia and England.

Tom Risher manufactures a line of boomerangs under the Greyford brand name. He has recently produced a 7 page guide on boomerang design for beginners. A copy is available through Tom at the address below for $2.50. However, if you order two or more boomerangs from his catalog, the paper is free. You can write Tom and see if he will provide you with a copy of both the St. Nicholas magazine article and his beginner's boomerang guide.


Tom Risher

Greyford Boomerangs

P. O. Box 4734

Whittier, CA 90607


For those of you who have an interest in lightsticks for night throwing, Jim Jordan recently purchased a case of one-thousand (1,000) 7.5mm X 75mm (1/4" X 3") yellow Cyalume lightsticks, fresh from the manufacturer. An order of 50 lightsticks will cost $28.00 total. This includes shipping to an address in the continental United States. You can send a check made out to "Jim Jordan" to the following address:


Jim Jordan

11813 Silent Valley Lane

Gaithersburg, MD 20878


If you don't have any night-rangs, its easy to modify a Darnell Pro-Fly or any rang you don't mind dedicating to night throwing. Just drill holes the length of the lightstick, close to the leading edge of the wing (where it's thicker), and cut between them to put a slot in the boomerang. It's best to cut the hole a little small so that the lightstick can be press fit into the slot. If you make it too loose, just put some clear tape on it. the lightstick will show through on both top and bottom. It will look like a ring in the air on a two blader. You can also drill a hole in the center of a tri-blader and stick a lightstick into it. This looks really weird when thrown since the lightstick appears to float vertically, suspended in the air.

Do you remember the technical paper on boomerangs that Lea Callander wrote last year (see BN #29)? Lea's father, Don, said that Lea received at least 60 requests for her paper from Boomerang News readers!

Another technical paper about boomerangs is currently in the making. The author is Sara Languet who, in cooperation with Dr. Brian Feeny, is doing the 20 page paper to help satisfy a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering at MSU in Lansing, Michigan. When the paper is complete, details for how to order the paper will be announced in BN.

Kendall Davis recently interview for the Sunday Sports section of the Quad City Times. A reporter took him to lunch and let him talk about boomerangs to his heart's content. Next, a photographer took pictures of his shop and of him throwing. The story was nearly a full page spread on the back of the sports section in full color! The title of the article was "Building a Better Boomerang".

Richard Pollock-Nelson has some great XL T-shirts, boom bags, and commemorative rangs left over from the Rocky Mountain Throw if anyone is interested. The rangs are the Colorado Boomerang's Aspen, Seagull, and Yanaki with custom paint jobs. The bags are canvas tote bags that are 20" long, 5" deep and about 14" high. they hold a lot of booms. T-shirts are $18, bags $15, booms $13-$17. Email inquiries to: or call: 303-583-1821 or write to:


Richard Pollock-Nelson

2530 So. Ouray Way

Aurora, CO 80013


Richard Pollock-Nelson provided us with a tip that David Smith of Colorado Boomerangs has some great 4mm 8-ply Finnish birch plywood for sale at $60 a sheet plus shipping. Andersons International is selling the same plywood for $69 a sheet. If you are interested you can E-mail Richard at or call David at (970)-641-2344.

Brian Thompson presented a boomerang workshop for Technology Education in Virginia this past August (see BN 39). Brian's workshop included a discussion on how to use 'rangs to teach the basic principles of flight and how to make paper, foam and wood models. Many of the readers sent Brian catalogs and other items to distribute to 24 newbies teachers. The workshop turned out to be a big success as 16 of the teachers were really turned on to the sport. These teachers will instruct more than 4,000 students over the following school year.

The Michigan Atlatl Association, the Michigan Flintknappers, and the Michigan Primitives held their second annual gathering on Bois Blanc Island from Aug. 21-24. The gathering included a variety of primitive technologies including: Atlatl (spear throwers) competition, boomerang making and throwing, and kylie throwing. Norm Kern provided boomerang blanks which had trailing edges and one leading edge roughed in. The participants carved in the rest of the leading edges and then sanded them down. The wind was low, and in the setting sun almost every participant got a catch on their own first boomerang. On both Friday and Saturday Norm laid his (questionable) kylie reputation on the line and offered certificates stating that the participant had beat Norm in Kylies at the gathering on Bois Blanc Island. Tom Luczycki provided stiff competition and nearly destroyed the target but Norm won out by a few accuracy points, and Norm kept all of his certificates.

The Third Illini Classic was held on 9 August in lousy wind and rainy weather conditions. Tony Brazelton, who won Fast Catch and MTA, also won the Sports Division. Billy Brazelton, who won Trick Catch and Australian Round, came in second overall. Aaron Poole, who came in first in Accuracy and Endurance, came in third overall. Frecky Lewis won the Open Division.

The USBA has announced a preliminary list of throwers who will compete on the first two USA Teams in the 1998 World Cup. All the "Mikes" are one one team and all the "Johns" are on the other team. A third team may also be introduced. Stay tuned to the next issue of MHR for additional news. Anyway, the teams, with thrower rankings include:


Team I

1. Chet Snouffer

2. Michael Girvin

3. Rob Parkins

4. Mark Weary

5. Gary Broadbent

6. Mike Dickson


Team II

7. John Flynn

8. Adam Ruhf

9. Chicago Bob

10. Betsy Miale Gix

11. John Gorski

12. John Koehler


Whoops! As BN goes to press, Michael Gel Girvin has officially announced that he will retire from active competition because of back problems. He will still be active running Bay Area tournaments. Is there a doctor in the house with any good tricks? Unfortunately, the above team list will have to be modified with John Flynn moving up to Team I. Another thrower will have to be selected for Team II.


September 23, 1997


Dear Fellow USA National Boomerang Team Teammates and USBA Board,


I love boomerangs. I had a fun time earning a spot on the National Team by competing in the three tournament selection format. But in light of the tenuous health of my back, I am relinquishing my spot on the National Team to a healthier thrower.


It is a very sad day for me. I gave it my best shot, but my future health is at stake and it is not possible for me to compete.



Michael Gel Girvin


Mike Dickson sent in the following review of the Canton Open that was held on 24 August. It drizzled part of the day, but mostly it poured! The day was a lesson for 18 sopping wet throwers in how to throw all day in the rain. Surprisingly, there were some great scores, including great performances by new throwers. Top placings include: Gary Broadbent, Mike Dickson, Nobu, Tony Brazelton, Steve Kostrab, Mike Gabriel, Duane Sagert, Don Sagert, Len Burns and Fred Malmburg.

Adam Dickson, 7, scoring a perfect five catches in novice TC in the rain with a 20 meter boom. Novice was held at lunch in the downpour. Top novice placings were: Brittany Broadbent, Adam Dickson, Pat Allman.

Will Herlan sent us a condensed summary of Michael Gel Girvin's 100th tournament, held this past 30/31 August. Michael kicked it off with a barbecue at his boomerang shop. He had score sheets, flyers, awards, prize booms and pictures from the previous 99 throws. Alan Scott Craig was there showing off his unbelievable art boomerangs, like a cool dragon boomerang similar to what Alan threw in the movie Baghdad Cafe. The throwers had to kick a girl's soccer league off the field for the competition. Not much time for warm-ups, then into the events - Team Hackey, Whoa Nelly, Aussie Round, George, Team Relay, and of course, GLORP. The throwers were split into teams of 5 or 6. And for those of you who reminisce about the old Suicide event, all the competitors threw a round of George. Sixty throwers lined up shoulder to shoulder to throw trick catch! A big round of GLORP ended the perfect weather day. Gel had made some special edition prize booms and great trophies for all. Note: Kelly Croman sent in another write-up just as this issue was being completed. Michael "Gel" Girvin sent in some great pictures as well. This material will make a great story for the next issue of Boomerang News.

Congratulations go to John Koehler for taking first place overall at the First Annual Outer Banks Boomerang Tournament hosted by Kitty Hawk Kites on 13 September. Jim Jordan came in second. Dennis Joyce and Eric Darnell tied for third. There were 11 competitors. Look for the second competition to be held on 12/13 September 1998.

At Doug DuFresne's "Summer's Final Fling", Eric Darnell not only set a world record in MTA, but he won the tournament as well. Will Gix took second and Tim Schallberger came in third with a field of 26 throwers from up and down the West Coast (and of course Vermont).

The USBA operates a service whereby catalogs from manufacturers are supplied to anyone who requests the packet through the USBA office. This service has been very popular and their stocks of catalogs and price lists is dwindling rapidly! If you make boomerangs, are a USBA member, and have a price list or catalog, please send a supply of your product information to Gregg Snouffer for inclusion in this packet. This is a sure way to find buyers, since the people requesting the packets are in the market for buying boomerangs and have requested the information that you are supplying. Furthermore, the USBA pays for your distribution! If you make boomerangs but do not have a price list, PRINT ONE UP, run copies and send them to the address below! Make some money in your spare time! Send catalogs and price lists to:



C/O Gregg Snouffer

340 Troy Rd.

Delaware, OH 43015


The Boomerang Man has decided to make a one-page display of all the various rangs he's offered through the years and make it available to anyone who sends him a SASE. Why would he do this? The sheet will make an excellent collector's reference guide for boomerangs marketed from the mid-1970s until the present. Send your SASE to:


Boomerang Man

1806 North Third Street

Monroe, LA 71201-4222



Sotheby's will hold an auction of Aboriginal and tribal art on 9 November at Paddington Town Hall in Woollahra, NSW. If you have the money and wish to bid on some great Aboriginal artifacts, call Robert Bleakley at 02 9362 1000 or write to:


Sotheby's Australia Pty Ltd

118-122 Queen Street

Woollahra, NSW 2025



Brother Brian Thomas has found not one, but three stamps with a boomerang theme! These stamps are depicted on the cover of this issue. The leftmost stamp on the strip at the top shows several weapons laying at the feet of Aborigines as they watch the First Fleet arrive in 1788. Among the pile of weapons are two boomerangs! That stamp is enlarged at the center left and the boomerangs are enlarged at the bottom left. The pair appear to represent both a throwstick and a returner.

The second stamp depicts a WW II trainer plane called the "Boomerang". The third stamp commemorates the Australian Jaycees, an organization that integrates a boomerang into their logo.

Brian purchased several of these out-of-circulation stamps from an Australian stamp dealer and sent them to the editor to pass on to interested readers. Seven packets of stamps are available to the first 7 readers who reserve their stamps from the editor. Each packet cost $6, including postage to the USA or Canada. Overseas readers can trade 3 issues of BN for a packet of stamps. Each packet will contain 5 or more stamps and at least one of each of the three stamps. I will throw in a Max Hoeben finger launched boomerang as well. Contact information for the editor can be found on the last page of this issue.

Brian has also written to the Australian Post, suggesting that they produce a series of quality stamps with boomerangs on them. Surprisingly, Brian got an immediate and very positive reply to his suggestion, so more boomerang stamps may be on the way in the very near future.


Remember the exquisite Cryderman Raptor boomerang that was on the cover of BN #40? This is what Pat Steigman wrote to BN when he found out that he was the winner:

"Is this for real? Wow. I'm one of those standard "never wins anything" people. I was reading the text version of the Boomerang News and almost jumped out of my shorts when I saw that I had won. I quickly dug out my three-hole punched copy of Issue 40 from the binder for another look at the Raptor. My cheeks are getting sore from grinning."

There were a lot of entries for the raffle drawing and someone had to win. It's too bad that everyone couldn't have won one too. At least there is still the reward of receiving John Cryderman's new catalog which has been printed and will be mailed at about the same time as this issue of Boomerang News. Anyone wishing a copy of the world's largest (40 page) catalog devoted to boomerangs and throw sticks are invited to send a $5 check or money order made payable to John Cryderman (see contact info on next page). Boomerangs are priced $25 to $125. A donation of $1will be made from each catalogue to the 1998 World Boomerang Championships. This publication shows you how to make strip laminated boomerangs. It has many shapes and designs never before shown to the public.

John Cryderman is another collector of boomerang related literature. He has decided to trade some of his collectable S/L boomerangs and throwsticks for boomerang literature that he still does not have in his collection. For example, John will trade $400 worth of boomerangs for an original copy of the Felix Hess thesis.

For more information on the above boomerang products, please call (519)-354-3984 or email: or write to:


John Cryderman

136 Thames Street

Chatham, Ontario N7L 2Y8



Two Canadian tournaments were held in Montreal, 30 August and Ottawa, 31 August. The Montreal competition drew a crowd of both Canadian and American throwers. Eric Darnell was the only American to attend in Ottawa. John Cross of Calgary traveled the furthest distance to attend. Congratulations goes to Stéphane Marguerite for setting a Canadian record in Accuracy with 42 points in Montreal and a Canadian record in Aussie Round with 75 points in Ottawa.

Eric Promislow gave a boomerang demonstration for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper on 26 August as a promotion for the 31 August Ottawa competition. On 28 August, the Ottawa Citizen ran an excellent article, complete with pictures that helped to bring 200+ spectators to the event. Canada A.M., a nationwide morning TV show covered the tournament as well. Eric Darnell put on an incredible workshop for the spectators. Most people stayed for two or three hours and often bought a boomerang before leaving. As for the Ottawa tournament results:


Accuracy: Alex Stuparich 34

Trick Catch: Eric Darnell 32

Doubling: Eric Darnell 25

Endurance: S. Marguerite 50

Aussie Round: S. Marguerite 75

Fast Catch: Eric Darnell 22.16

MTA: Eric Darnell 25.86

Overall: Eric Darnell; Stéphane Marguerite, Gaston Jacques; Eric Promislow; John Cross; Alex Stuparich



News coverage of the "Arctic Midnight Sun Boomerang Challenge" (AMSBC) was seen on different sports channels throughout the world in August. The story was produced by "Transworld Sports". Günter Möller saw the show on "DSF" in Germany on 23 August.

Heikki Niskanen has announced the dates for the 1998 Arctic Midnight Sun Boomerang Challenge as 19/21 June. This competition will be combined with the 1998 European Prehistoric Bow and Spearthrow Championships, organized by veteran organizer Pascal Chauvaux. This looks like an exciting event because boomerang throwing will be combined with throwsticks, bolas, atlatls, spears and bow & arrows.



Congratulations go to Yves Caze for winning the ST BRIEUC competition which was held on 15/16 August. Didier Bonin came in second, followed by Eugène Cinal, Franck Douetil and Christophe Dautriche.


Congratulations go to Casey Larrance of the USA who recently completed Super Catch while travelling in Europe with witnesses: Michael Blanquett and Matthias Giesenschlag. Casey used Michael's Fast Catch and Matthias' MTA!

Oliver Stein is putting together a CD Rom loaded with boomerang plans. Oliver needs input from designers and manufacturers from all over the world to make the project a success. If you can help Oliver by sending him boom plans, please contact him by email at: or write to:


Oliver Stein

Moosrain 82

82418 Murnau



Hagü Nikolayczyk is updating the German BuPlaSa (Bumerang Plan Sammlung = Boomerang plan collection). Hagü is searching for plans from throwers from all other the world, but never printed in a newsletter before! If you want to be a part of the greatest plan collection of the world (No. 1 and the Update No. 1 are together about 200 pages!), send your plans to:


HaGü Nikolayczyk

Ringstraße 21

D - 539191 Weilerswist




Congratulations go to Erik Leferink for placing first overall in the Dutch National Championships on 7 September. Winds were very high for the entire tournament, so scores were poor. Erik was the only thrower able to complete 5 catches in the Fast Catch event. Jimmy Berkhout (13 years old) threw his MTA for more than 37 seconds but he didn't catch it because it was 3 meters out of the circle. Second and third overall placings went to Pieter Duin and Jaap Duin respectively. Erik has held the Dutch title since 1993.

Max Hoeben made his pilgrimage to Michigan and Ohio, USA in early September to visit with Ted Bailey and Gary Broadbent. The editor has made the following observations about Max:

"I had never met Max before his September visit. I now understand the magic that Max radiates where ever he goes. Here is a man who doesn't have a mean bone in his entire body. Max is the extreme extrovert. He would take long walks and visit every business within miles to meet the proprietors and take pictures of their shops. Just about the time I was ready to pick up the phone and call the police, Max would wander back in the house, not a bit tired because of his adventures. Max also does not sleep. When Gary picked up Max to take him to Ohio for a few days, I was worried that Gary would wear Max out. When Gary returned to put Max on the airplane, I learned that Max had worn out Gary. For those of you who know Gary, you will and should be impressed. Max has a million stories about his lifetime adventures in Australia and in World War II Europe. Max has held 55 jobs in his lifetime and has done well in all of them. Currently Max is in his 70s and although more frail than he was in his early years, he still has more energy than most of us. I will never forget Max and feel as though I have a new member in my family. I would like to travel to Europe in the near future and see if it is possible to wear out Max on his own territory."


Congratulations to Michael Hanson who wrote an excellent 5 page article about boomerangs which was published in the July/August 1997 issue of "ToyMaking" magazine. The focus of the article was on how to make and throw boomerangs. It also gave a description of the various events and a page of plans. Michael will offer both a copy of this article and his boomerang bibliography for a small fee to cover the cost of copying and mailing. Michael collects boomerang literature, so if you have anything to trade, let him know. You can write to Michael at the following address:


Michael Hanson

School House, Sinclairston

Ochiltree, Camnock

Ayrshire KA18 2RT




A total of 20 teams have signed up for participation in the 1998 World Cup. This includes: Australia I, Australia II, Brazil, Canada, England, France I, France II, France III, Germany I, Germany II, Germany III, Holland, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, Switzerland I, Switzerland II, USA I, USA II, and possibly USA III. All team organizers should keep in touch with Tom Fitzgerald. You can call Tom at: (314) 839-1604 or write to:


Tom Fitzgerald

1159 Holly River Dr.

Florissant, MO 63031


World Cup team organizers need to remember that a deposit is due on 1 December, according to the instructions on the web page:

Chicago Bob is assisting Tom Fitzgerald with the 1998 World Cup effort. He is looking for a hip, stylin' logo for the World Championships. The logo should have some element representing the United States (for obvious reasons!), and perhaps, but optionally, St. Louis (the Arch, whatever), and, of course, boomerangs. Please email your submissions to Chicago Bob at and he'll post them to a web page for all the boom web surfers to review. You can also mail logos to:


Chicago Bob Leifeld

104-A Osterhage Dr.

Waterloo, IL 62298



Neil Kalmanson has a new web page with a virtual gallery of art booms to browse. Visit:

Weboomeranger" a web-boomerang-magazine by Heikki Niskanen can be visited at:

The results of the Rocky Mountain Throw can be found on Richard Pollock-Nelson's web page at:

If you want to see a great web page full of downloadable plans for MTA style boomerangs, visit:

Check out Kendall Davis' new online internet catalog at:

You can also view a newspaper article that Kendall did for the Quad City Times at:

Dietmar Reinig has posted an English version of his REDI homepage with information on ancient European boomerangs and boomerang history, boom plans, throwing instructions, boomerangs and boomerang materials:

Oliver Thienhaus has posted a web page where you can download a Boomerang World Ranking List. Visit his page at:

Dave Hendricks has discovered a rather neat screen saver with Aboriginal art that can be downloaded for free from the WWW. The free demo version has a limited number of pictures, but it is still very nice and works well with Windows 95. Visit:

Lycos has given the Boomerang World web page a TOP 5% Review. See what they say at:

Pamela Wood's Australian Catalog Company now has a web presence. This mail order catalog company has loads of really neat things of interest to boomerang throwers. Their latest 1997/1998 catalog has polished Pewter Boomerang Jewelry, a hand painted boxed wooden boomerang, boomerang pins and key chains, a boomerang book, painted boomerangs, Aussie food, books and music, didjeridoos, bullroarers, boomerang T-shirts, and lots more. Their web page is currently in it's infancy. It will be greatly expanded in the near future. So pay a visit now and make a link to:


First, I wish to apologize for a lack of graphics in this issue and for not publishing the tremendous amount of information that was submitted over the past month. The problem was both time and newsletter space. This issue could have been a full 20 pages if everything was published. I will try to cover this material next issue.

All boomerangs for the Fall 1997 auction have now arrived and are posted on the WWW auction page. Most of these latecomers will benefit a 1998 World Cup team. Among the new items are four fantastic Jonas Romblad MTAs.

Auction boomerangs include representative pieces by the following noteworthy manufacturers: Aboriginal, Alberg, Bailey, Barker, Bertling, Blight, Brojan, Butz, Byham, Conaway, Cryderman, Cuartas, Davis, Derden, Dimantchev, DuFresne, Flynn, Foresi, Gerhards, Girvin, Glover, Gorski, Gray, Hawes, Heckner, Hendricks, Hoeben, Janetzki, Jones, Kalmanson, Knight, Malmberg, Mayhew, Naylor, Neelands, Peeters, Penkala, Pietilä, Read, Risher, Romblad, Silvera, Smith, Stiller, Storm, Surace, Thomas and Urban. Do you have boomerangs by all of these manufacturers in your collection? Gary does!

There are a large number of collectable boomerangs and books in this auction: historical, fine wood working, art, throwsticks, competition, etc. If you are not on the internet and wish to bid on any of the 190 collectable boomerangs, you need to contact me soon. A hard paper copy of the boomerang description and auction bid sheet will be available by mid-October. If you have successfully bid in any of the 3 previous auctions and are without internet access, you will automatically receive a bid sheet in the mail. For everyone with internet WWW access, I have already posted a list of available boomerangs and an internet bid sheet. Over the month of October, I hope to post full colored photos of most auction items for you to browse. The main auction web page already has links to secondary web pages which list the auction boomerangs by special category, such as: throwsticks, tri-bladers, leftys, composite, lap joint, strip laminated, natural elbow, etc. To view the Fall 1997 auction, set your web browser to:


This publication is produced monthly. Every issue is packed with 8 pages containing all the information you need to know to keep current with the ever changing world of boomeranging. The distribution of BN currently stands at 174 USA and 72 overseas subscribers. Eight issues of "Boomerang News" costs only $10 in the USA; $12 in Canada and $20 overseas. You can subscribe by sending payment (make check or M.O. out to Ted Bailey) with your name, address & phone number to:


Ted E. Bailey

P. O. Box 6076

Ann Arbor, MI 48106




Boomerang News Calendar of Events

North America

26 Oct. 1997 First Tucson Tournament Don Monroe 613-563-0066 1205 E 11th St.; Casa Grande, AZ 85222

28 Nov. 1997 Tenth Turkey Toss Norm Kern 248-645-9308 1640 Haynes St.; Birmingham, MI 48009-6819

26 Jul-2 Aug '98 World Cup Championships Tom Fitzgerald 314-839-1604 1159 Holly River Dr.; Florissant, MO 63031

12/13 Sept. '98 2nd Outer Banks Comp. John Koehler 757-437-1185 210 60th St.; Virginia Beach, VA 23451



28 Sept. 1997 Old Warden Fall Throw Edward Cadman 44 (0)1449 496715 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

4/5 October '97 Ninth Fall Fun Meeting Winfried Kelber +49 (7457) 4144 71149 Bondorf; Germany

4/5 October '97 Dijon Competition Didier BONIN 03 80 71 99 51 8 Central place 21800; QUETIGNY; France

5 Oct 97 A.B.O. Fun Comp Eric Leferink +31 (70) 329 7857 Remmersteinstraat 157; 2532 AZ Den Haag; Netherlands

XX Oct 1997 Japan Autumnal Cup Yoshi Sakimitsu 0081-3-3261-9304 15-5 Kudan-Kita; 1-Chome; Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102; Japan

25/26 Oct. ' `97 Troyes Competition Eugène CINAL 03 25 74 11 98 26 alley of Vendangeurs; 10420 Noes; France

9 Nov. 1997 Blue Mountain Champs. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

2/3 May 1998 Aussie National Comps. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

19/21 June '98 1998 AMSBC Heikki Niskanen +358 17 2633211 Tasavallankatu 10 a 1, 70620 KUOPI; Finland

24/25 Jul. '99 Boomerang Cup Eckhard Mawick 0451/70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; 23552 Lübeck; Germany

2000 World Cup Championships Rob Croll (03) 9887-5085 5 Tyson Ct.; Wantirna South; Victoria 3152; Australia

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