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Boomerang News #46 - 2-98

Cover: Booms in Space:

In front of a photograph of Gagarine, in the Russian Space Station Mir, Jean-François Clervoy experiments with a MK 1 (made by Jacques Thomas) floating in microgravity at 400 km above Earth and at a speed of 28,000 kilometers/hour. This is an official NASA photograph, dated May 1997.

News From The:


American throwers are mourning the death of two well known throwers who made very different contributions to the sport of boomeranging.

Carl Naylor of Brooklyn, New York, passed away on 12 December at the age of 80, loosing his battle against Cancer. Carl is best known as the first President of the USBA. Few throwers command as much respect from other throwers as does Carl. The trail of good will that he left in the wake of his life is stunning. Even in death, Carl continues his good will towards others. Carl's marvelous and historic boomerang collection will be auctioned off in the Spring and Fall Boomerang Auctions. The estate proceeds will be used towards the promotion of boomerang throwing with young throwers. Boomerang News readers are invited to send proposals to the editor for how these funds can be distributed. All proposals will be given to the estate administrator for further consideration.

Willie Davis passed away on 11 January at the age of 32 from a Cardiac Arrhythmia, a complication of Diabetes. Willie was a member of the THUBA team from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Willie was a serious Midwest competitor for more than a dozen years. His Team Thuba friend, Alan Winterrowd, wrote the following about Willie's accomplishments:


Willie P. Davis

1965 - 1998


Willie passed away, at the age of 32, on January 11, 1998. Willie began throwing boomerangs in 1987. His first tournament was as a novice at the Free Throwers Fling (in a novice field that included such notables as Chicago Bob and Rev. Jim). Willie enjoyed making booms and excelled in MTA.

Notable finishes in his too-short boomerang career include: 1st place, MTA, 1989 Nationals, Gunnison CO 3rd place, MTA, 1990 Nationals, St. Louis MO 3rd place, Doubling, 1991 Nationals, Delaware OH 10th place, Overall, 1991 Nationals, Delaware OH 1st place, 1991 US Team Championships, as part of Team Mantis with Gary Broadbent, Chet Snouffer, Fridolin Frost and Chicago Bob Leifeld

Willie is survived by his mother, Caroline, and his sister, Lori.

Bill Tumath sold a large quantity of beautiful Herb Smith boomerangs in early January to the surprise of enthusiastic boomerang collectors. The prices were similar to those generated in the 1996 & 1997 boomerang auctions. Surprisedly, the quantity of boomerangs sold did not suppress the prices that collectors were willing to pay (wood: $65 - $180 and Paxolin: $175 - $300). It appears that collectable boomerangs have become a legitimate investment commodity and Herb Smith boomerangs are rapidly becoming the de facto unit of currency.

Pat Steigman set up a boomerang exhibit on the second floor of the Tyler Public Library on 31 December. The main case is on the 2nd floor and has four sections. One section holds the Cryderman Raptor and a beautiful BVD Lap Joint, as well as various books and copies of MHR and Boomerang News. Two cases contain examples of different types of rangs: LD, MTA, FC, and specialty rangs like the Tomahawk and Delta from Master Designs. The fourth case is the construction area. It contains plans, cardboard patterns, blanks, and partially constructed rangs showing the boomerang making process from pencil lines on a block of plywood through shaping and painting to create a finished boom.

There is a smaller case on the first floor which has a variety of rangs, mostly by GEL, and other boomerang items. Information on how to contact the USBA and join the Rang-list is posted on the ends of the large sections upstairs. The exhibit will run until the end of February. For more information, email Pat at: or write to:


Tyler Public Library

201 S. College Ave.

Tyler, Tx 75702


Look for the May/June issue of "The Sciences", a publication of The New York Academy of Sciences, for an excellent article on boomeranging by Dan Drollette, an American Science Writer based in Canberra, Australia.

Congratulations to Joseph C. Tylor for being awarded an "Indoor Boomerang" design patent, number D0389878.

Jeff Heindrichs recently received a boomerang with the United Parcel Service logo on it. This boom is a traditional shape, 1/4", 5 ply with the UPS logo on the elbow. Along with the logo there is also the phrase "Authorized Return Service".

Gary Broadbent is having an open house both before (July) and after (August) the 1998 World Cup Championships. Experience the exhilaration of non-stop boomerang throwing and partying with America's most eccentric (and #1 rated) competitor. There is an entry fee of one boomerang of your choice for this grand two month long event. For more information, call Gary at (330)-492-RANG or write to:


Gary Broadbent

3204 38th St., NW

Canton, OH 44718


The Australian Catalog Company has issue their Spring 1998 Catalog with boomerangs, didjeridoos, music tapes and CDs, bull roarers, boomerang jewelry, etc. You can write for a free catalog at:


The Australian Boomerang Co.

7605 Welborn St. Suite 112

Raleigh, NC 27615-4115


14th Annual Christmas/New Years Tournament

by Michael Gel Girvin

Eight women and 14 men gathered at Billy Martin Field in Oakland, California on January 1st, 1998 for the 14th Annual Christmas/New Years Tournament. The 2 - 5 M.P.H. winds and 60 degrees temperature served as the backdrop for the five teams to play boomerang games, have fun and define poetic radness. Expert throwers and novice throwers graced each team for enhanced learning and bonus fun factor. Team Hackuracy (Accuracy with extra points for hackies), Whoa Nelly (Aussie Round, Trick Catch and Consecutive Catch combined), Team Hacky Catch (one team player throwers and others team players hacky it between each other for maximum points), Super Catch, and Round Rang Relay were the games that rang in the new year! Most of the highlights came from the novice throwers who put out tons of effort learning how to throw accurately and catch with style. After all the fun boomerang playing was done, everyone received hand-painted plaque trophies that were made the day before at the trophy making party! All the players went home happy from good weather, great friends and rad effort.


Woodworkers who make those beautiful lap joint and strip laminated boomerangs can find a great assortment of terrific collectable hardwoods at Bob Morgan Woodworking Supplies. Call (502)-456-2545 or write to:


Bob Morgan Woodworking

1123 Bardstown Road

Louisville, KY 40204


Dallan Reese found a web page for REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) which has stores all over the USA. The stores are currently carrying Greg Orlando's Zuma Traditional for $5 and the Kirra Omega for $10. If you order on the web (free shipping), go to the URL:

There was a boomerang gathering in San Diego, California on 10 January with throwers from as far North as Washington (Will Herlan) and as far East as Vermont (Eric Darnell & John Flynn). The main attraction was a kite convention that brought Eric and John. Other visitors included Steve Kavanaugh, Erik Fields, Dan Russell and Bob Letson (with his flying Tennis Racket). Much of the throwing focused on Long Distance with many a throw going out 110 metres or more. There was a big dinner party afterwards. The organizer of this wonderful non-competitive affair was John Weigel of San Diego.

Another low key event was held in bitter cold Colorado on New Year's Eve, organized by Richard Pollock-Nelson. The event was called the first annual Rocky Mountain Night Throw and Novice Boomerang Tournament. Several cold and crazy throwers braved the Winter Chill for this event. Four threw their boomerangs before midnight and two caught their booms on the following year. The group then went on to have a novice tournament with three events: Accuracy, Fast Throw, and Fast Throw Endurance. After the trophies were handed out, the throwers dispersed at 2:00 AM. You can view pictures of this crazy event at Richard's web page that is listed in the WWW section of this newsletter.

Pat Cardiff is a 36 year old artist from Athens, Georgia who is known locally as "the Naked Guy, the Guy who Lives in a Tree, and, most prominently, the Boomerang Guy". Pat, who models in the nude, really did live in Athens Georgia's trees for two Winter seasons, wedging himself in forked branches over 40 feet high at night to avoid chiggers. Pat's artworks include inventive, usually zoomorphic, and surprisingly functional wooden boomerangs. Pat has recently fallen in love, and his latest batch of boomerangs, with shapes in the human female form, reflect his recent obsession. Pat has moved to the icelands of New Hampshire to pursue his new love. If you want to find out more about Pat Cardiff boomerang products, you can write to him at:


Pat Cardiff

159 Buck Street

Suncock, NH 03275


In the last issue, it was mentioned that Peter Toenjes is selling cross sticks for only $10. This price has been reduced even further to $5 (+$2 shipping). Write to:


Peter Toenjes

412 McKinley Ave.

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236


Many thanx to Dr. Fred Malmberg for sending us the cartoon (shown below) about the United Nations/Iraqi crisis, depicting the boomerang as a legitimate weapon. I hope this issue of Boomerang News arrives at your home before President Clinton goes on his shooting spree.


Neil Wegner had an irritating experience of sorts. He mailed a 30+ year old Australian tourist boomerang from Alberta to a customer in New York State, USA via UPS. The package was seized in Sweetwater, Montana after an over zealous Canadian Customs Agent called an American Customs Agent and told him to hold the boomerang because it was "culturally significant"! After a lengthy wait, while American and Canadian Customs Agents contacted Australian Customs Agents, the boomerang was finally cleared for delivery to the USA. Have any of the readers had similar problems dealing with customs agents when shipping boomerangs across borders?

Stéphane Marguerite recently did two TV shows about boomerangs in Montreal. One of the new technologies is a camera the size of a pen that attaches to your glasses. That allows the producer to capture exactly what you see when you throw and catch. Stéphane will bring a copy of the video to the WBC this summer.

Congratulations to the throwers who were selected for the Canadian 1998 World Cup Team:


Stéphane Marguerite

Etienne Sourd

John Cross

Eric Promislow

Ken Farr

Daniel Bellemarre


The Canadian Team is selling T-shirts with their team logo to raise money to go to the World Cup. The T-shirt is XL and beige in color with a black and red logo as depicted right. You can purchase one of these collectable T-shirts by sending $14 USD to Stéphane Marguerite. This price is valid in Canada and the USA. If you live overseas, contact Stéphane for more information at the following address:

Stéphane Marguerite

4031 St. André

Montreal (Qc) H2L 3W2



Congratulations to John Cryderman who received great coverage in the 9 December edition of the The Chatham-Kent Citizen newspaper. Most of the coverage was about John's boomerang business, but there was also discussion about boomerang history and competition.

There will be no Canadian tournaments in 1998 due to the lack of response from the USA in 1997.


The 1997 competition ratings, based upon both placing and best performance are official for the French throwers. The top 5 are:


Yves Caze

Pascal Gagniere

Christophe Dautriche

Eugène Cinal

Didier Bonin


Many thanx to Jacques Thomas for providing Boomerang News with the front page photograph showing Jean-François Clervoy throwing a MK 1 boomerang on the Space Station Mir.

Jacques is no stranger himself to throwing under unusual conditions. He has thrown and caught a boomerang when flying over the international date line and on the Concorde at supersonic speed. Over the past summer, Jacques added the throwing of cardboard boomerangs aboard old vintage aircraft to his list of accomplishments. This included a B-17 Flying Fortress and a DC-3 Dakota. The experience was sobering for Jacques with his memories of seeing more than 1,000 B-17s bomb his home city of Lyon during World War II and his flights aboard DC-3s in Viet Nam before the American presence in that country. These boomerangs will be added to Jacques' Museum collection.



Martin Wikstroem is Finnish, but he lives in Bonn. On September 14th, he and Marc Rink went for a throw in a hilly area, when Martin suddenly had his new self-made pax MTA go up higher and higher. Martin chased the MTA for about 40 minutes before he lost sight of it. The boomerang was chased down by automobile.



From issue #21 of theBollettino dell'Associazione C.L.U.B., the 1998 Italian World Cup Team has been selected:


Gianluca Cappelletti

Mario Crescimbeni

Silvano Mella

Francesco Rossi

Maurizio Saba

Paolo Serbeloni



In the last issue, it was reported that Aivars Brengulis was making both natural elbow and plywood boomerangs that sold for $7, shipping included. There was a communication problem with this announcement. The $7 price applies only to plywood boomerangs. This is still a terrific deal. If you missed the last issue, you can send $7 to Aivars at the following address:


Aivars Brengulis

L. Paegles 14-23

Sigulda LV 2150

Latvia, Europe



At the Swiss Long Distance Competition on 23/24 August, Ingo Frantz had the longest throw of the day with a distance of 120.30 metres. Ingo was using a Challenger III. The overall winner for the day was Lorenz Gubler followed by Tibor Horvath and Markus Peissard, based on cumulative points for three throws.

You already read about David Hesse's World Record performance in MTA (97.78 seconds) at the Swiss Championships held this past 20 September. There were other incredible performances as well. Harald Steck threw 17.33 seconds in Fast Catch. The top 8 throwers all had times of under 20 seconds, including Frido Frost who had 17.60 seconds in F/C. Frido won the tournament with 1-4 placings in every event except Accuracy. Oliver Thienhaus and Oli Rau rounded out the top 3 placings.

Have any of the readers seen a copy of the Swiss Boomerang Newsletter? This German language newsletter is an excellent source of information about boomerangs, especially if you have an interest in the Long Distance event. The newsletter also has boomerang plans which everybody can use. The newsletter is published quarterly and is issued to members of the Swiss Boomerang Federation. To join, send 30 Swiss Francs with your name and address to:


Thomas Stehrenberger

Tösstalstraße 249

8405 Winterthur



Two Swiss teams have been defined for the 1998 World Cup. Throwers include:


Swiss I

David Hesse

Kim Galeazzi

Jürg Schedler

Manual Schütz

Thomas Stehrenberger

Matthieu Weber


Swiss II

Lorenz Gubler

Tibor Horvath

Markus Peissard

Julien Peissard

Ruedi Salzmann

René Vonlanthen



In March 1996, I was elected to a committee for constructing bylaws for the WBA. The committee had no elected leader. After an extended delay, I was elected as the committee's chairman. For several months, things went well as input was collected from the various clubs regarding what was required to make the bylaws work. In January 1997, my life was dealt a wild card. I have an aunt who failed in her health and I have had to take on responsibility for taking care of this elderly person with financial and health problems. The requirements include about 10-15 hours of my personal time each week. I had to set priorities and my involvement with the WBA bylaws suffered as a result. I had to give up the WBA bylaws or stop editing Boomerang News which I did not want to do because I think BN is extremely important to the international community of boomerang throwers. Does anyone want to take on the task of caring for an elderly person so I can finish the WBA bylaws?

With the 1998 World Cup only 6 months hence, there is still time to complete the task of formulating the WBA bylaws. I am now asking for help with this task. If any of the readers have experience with writing bylaws and wish to take on this effort as the committee chairman, please contact Ted Bailey as soon as possible. I will give you all the support that I can through Boomerang News as well as some of my personal time.

As far as the World Cup is concerned, everything is still proceeding well. Check out Chicago Bob's comprehensive web page with everything relating to the World Cup at Additional details can be found on the web pages: and

All team organizers need to communicate with Tom Fitzgerald . Tom has email at: You can also call (314) 839-1604 or write to:


Tom Fitzgerald

1159 Holly River Dr.

Florissant, MO 63031



Richard Pollock-Nelson has made a lot of progress with his posting of the complete text for Boomerang News. You can find a link to this valuable archival site and photos of the Rocky Mountain New Year's Eve throw at:

Alan Winterrowd has posted a touching memorial web page about Willie Davis at:

Congratulations to the Italian organization, C.L.U.B., who has their home page online at:

The Cambresis Boomerang Club has a new web site at:

Dallan Reese found the Equator Imports web page featuring an (expensive) Zuma boomerang and, more interestingly, two Australian booms called "Boorahbee":

BlueStar Rangs is a new and comprehensive internet catalogue of Volker Behrens competition, sports, natural wood and art boomerangs. This site also has tuning and throwing instructions in English:

The Australian Catalog Company has a terrific web page with useful links. One of the links is an online database of sources for Australian resources in the USA. One of the categories is "Boomerangs"! Visit their online catalog at:

Subwave Rangs Boomerangs is a new Swiss web page in German language that markets Australian Rangs brand boomerangs:

You can view photos of the San Diego 10 January boomerang throw at SouthBay Johnnie's web page:

Another web page with info about the 10 January throw can be found at:

Tom Connally has a rather cute boomerang web page with good graphics, sound and a Flying Frog theme. Visit his web page at:

Olivier Duffez has a rather comprehensive web page (in French) called "La Duffezerie" with frames for contacts, vendors, clubs, plans, logos, magazines, and more. The "contacts" frame has a comprehensive list of boomerang throwers' email addresses and web page links. There is a full set of companion web pages in English. Visit:

Mark Fulton of Northern Ireland has a small, but nice boomerang web page at:

Cutting Edge Kite Shop carries Channel Craft plywood boomerangs ($12.95 - $21.95) as well beautiful laminated hardwood lap joint boomerangs from Little Bear Wood Works for $39.95. A plain hardwood laminated model is only $15.95:

Kendall Davis has posted a rather comprehensive list of email addresses of throwers who subscribe to rang_list at:

Bob Burwell of Australia is famous for his competition performance, especially in the Long Distance event. Bob has a new email address that he would like to pass on to his friends:

Michael Siems of Germany has a new email address. Email Michael at:

Yves Cazè of France has new email at:


Again I have failed to include everything that Boomerang News readers have sent for publication. I will try to include as much as possible in the next issue.

Most of the boomerangs for the Spring 1998 Auction have arrived and are being logged into the Spring Auction database. About 100 fabulous boomerangs and books were received for auction by late January. About 25 boomerangs that I wasn't expecting also arrived from various boom makers. Then, a big box arrived with Carl Naylor's boomerang collection. The Naylor collection was split in two parts. Half will be auctioned off in the Spring and the remainder will be auctioned off in the Fall.

What else is in the Spring Auction? There is a comprehensive library of out-of-print books! How about an old Aboriginal throwstick coated with human blood instead of red ochre? There are more collectable boomerangs by Herb Smith, Al Gerhards, the Janetzki brothers and even two extremely rare Frank Donellan boomerangs! One of these is made out of Whale Bone, a material that preceeded Paxolin by 40 years and was the preferred material for Long Distance. There are several beautiful natural elbows from Latvia, Germany, the Philippines and the USA; historical boomerangs by Dan Russell, Bunny Read, Leni Barker and Rus Feuerbach. How about art booms by Didier Bonin? There is even a kangaroo skin boomerang bag. For those of you who compete with throwsticks, there is a wonderful selection this time. Bid sheets for the Spring auction will be available after 28 February 1998. The bid sheet must be returned by 15 April 1998. Notification of winning bids will take place on 1 May 1998. To preview the Auction Web Page, set your web browser to:


This publication is produced monthly. Every issue is packed with 8 pages containing all the information you need to know to keep current with the ever changing world of boomeranging. The distribution of BN currently stands at 164 USA and 71 overseas subscribers. Eight issues of "Boomerang News" costs only $10 in the USA; $12 in Canada and $20 overseas. You can subscribe by sending payment (make check or M.O. out to Ted Bailey) with your name, address & phone number to:


Ted E. Bailey

P. O. Box 6076

Ann Arbor, MI 48106




Boomerang News Calendar of Events

North America

16 May 1998 Toss Across America Betsylew Miale-Gix 425-485-1672 3351 236th St. S.W.; Brier, WA 98036-8421

24 May 1998 Gateway Classic Tom Fitzgerald 314-839-1604 1159 Holly River Dr.; Florissant, MO 63031

26 Jul-2 Aug '98 World Cup Championships Tom Fitzgerald 314-839-1604 1159 Holly River Dr.; Florissant, MO 63031

6 Sept. 1998 4th Illinios Classic Comp. Tony Brazelton 217-352-6184 2405 Lawndale Drive; Champaign, IL 61821

12/13 Sept. '98 2nd Outer Banks Comp. John Koehler 757-437-1185 210 60th St.; Virginia Beach, VA 23451



1 Feb 1998 NSW State Titles. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

1 Feb 1998 Victorian Seamist Champs Bruce Carter (3) 93 00 23 74 21 Fran St.; Glenroy Melb. 3046; Victoria; Australia

1 March '98 Central Coast Champs Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

7/8 March '98 Long Distance Comp. Markus Peissard 026/418 2222 Tannenweg 3, 1734 Tentlingen, Switzerland

29 March '98 Eastern Suburbs Champs Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

XX April 1998 Old Warden Spring Throw Edward Cadman 44 (1449) 49 67 15 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

2/3 May 1998 First Midlands Comp. Martin Laslett 0121 443 4783

2/3 May 1998 2nd Bielefelder Maitreff Lothar Haase 49 (5221) 85 50 70 Kattenschling 24; 32049 Herford; Germany

2/3 May 1998 Aussie National Comps. Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

XX May 1998 4. Düren City Champs Heinz-Willi Dammers 49 (2421) 68 00 63 Am Wingert 84; 52355 Düren; Germany

9/10 May 1998 North Germany Comp Jürgen Küster +49 (5741) 12414 Linkestraße 3; 32312 Lübbecke; Germany

23 May 1998 Over 40 Competition Bruno Müller +49 (6232) 70494 Winterheimer Straße 27; 67346 Speyer; Germany

30/31 May 1998 Torneo Nazionale Roma B Maurizio Saba +31 (6) 653 8053 Via del trullo 122; 00148 Roma; Italy

30 M/1 Jun '98 22.nd Amstelveen Comp Erik Leferink +31 (70) 329 7857 Remmersteinstraat 157; NL-2532 AZ Den Haag; Holland

30 M/1 Jun '98 Rennes Team Comp F. Resmond-Richard ??? 99 84 61 48 17, Square A. Fergent, Appt. 93; 35000 Rennes; France

7/8 June 1998 Travemünde Beach Cup Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

13/14 June '98 9th Torneo Italiano Boom Mario Crescimbeni (39) 45 80 090 80 Via Venturelli, 2; 38128 Verona; Italy

19/21 June '98 1998 AMSBC Heikki Niskanen +358 17 2633211 Tasavallankatu 10 a 1, 70620 KUOPI; Finland

27/28 June '98 British Nationals & Int'l Edward Cadman 44 (1449) 49 67 15 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

27/28 June '98 Kiel Week B. Cup Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

11/12 July 1998 1st Aalen Competition Peter Dürr +49 (7963) 1311 Eichenstraße 33; 73486 Adelmannsfelden; Germany

15/16 Aug 1998 6th Bielefelder B. Meet Lothar Haase 49 (5221) 85 50 70 Kattenschling 24; 32049 Herford; Germany

29/30 Aug 1998 DBC Birthday Party Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

29/30 Aug 1998 Trefriw BBS Competition Jay Butters 44 (1492) 64 10 09 Garmon View; School Hill; Trefriw; N. Wales LL27 0NJ; UK

XX Sept. 1998 7th Berlin Championships Gerhard Bertling +49 (30) 215 3008 Potsdamer Str. 150; 10783 Berlin; Germany

XX Sept. 1998 Old Warden Fall Throw Edward Cadman 44 (1449) 49 67 15 42 Thurlow Court; Stowmarket; Suffolk IP14 1HZ; UK

19/20 Sept. '98 12th Swiss Nationals Ruedi Salzmann +41 (3441) 11708 Bernstraße 28; 3324 Hindelbank; Switzerland

Aug/Sep 1998 Blacktown Championships Peter Lewry +61 (2) 96 22 29 27 ???; Australia

15 Nov. 1998 Blue Mtn. Championships Br. Brian M. Thomas (02) 9369 0675 131 Birrell St; Waverley NSW 2024; Australia

24/25 July '99 Boomerang Cup Eckhard Mawick +49 (451) 70 51 81 Wakenitzmauer 64; D-23552 Lübeck; Germany

December '99 Int'l Millenium Throw Earl Tutty +64 3 384 5405 17 Truscotts Rd.; Heathcote Valley; Christchurch 2; NZ

2000 World Cup Championships Rob Croll (03) 9887-5085 5 Tyson Ct.; Wantirna South; Victoria 3152; Australia

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